morrissey fans; are you happy?

I am always always always always always in the grips of unrequited love, so yes not very happy much of the time. I am English of course which does not help! hehe
I only feel happy occasionally. Surely a huge part of relating to Morrissey's lyrics is identifying with the feelings conveyed in his songs. Disillusionment with life is not considered polite conversation and is viewed with suspicion, therefore, rightly or wrongly, the arts are the place for this. Not many artists attempt, let alone achieve this level of profound communication, and that is why Morrissey is special. Woody Allen achieves this in film, with his constant mortality themes, but music has an added emotion and is surely the perfect art form for what is effectively poetry to come alive.
Yes. Happiness, for me, is a 5cent slot machine and a flowerpot... It can be found in many places but also not just found in things... like someone earlier said you just have to work on it too (e.g can involve smiling when you don't want to (yeah yeah Heaven Knows...) but in time pretence can become reality (without compromising your 'individuality' or whatever you want to call it) - here, please just read Presentation of the Self etc by Erving Goffman and you'll know)

I can understand what the initial poster has said *but* there is often a giddiness to Moz lyrics while also being capable of being totally heartbreaking ('I'd Love To') But all that's natural - to experience that range of emotion. I'd say that's why I love Moz lyrics and his vocals because it's always an emotional tornado be it happy or sad.

I agree.
My mum says 'How can you listen to this?' because she finds The Smiths sullen to listen to....but I find the lyrics really really funny: 'I was looking for a job and then I found a job'....'when you say it's going to happen now - well when exactly do you mean?' Hilarious. As Homer Simpson said: it's funny because it's true.
NO! unfortunately. I wish I was happy.
I share my birthday with Morrissey. people call geminis a butterfly type of character, very restless, always seaching for new things well anyway it make me feel good that we have something in common.
I have ticket for the 23rd but not our birthday. I have to believe everything happens for a reason.
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I personally find most Morrissey's songs quite optimistic and life-affirming.
Depends on the day. I'll listen to Morrissey regardless. I'm still obsessed with Trouble Loves Me, if i listen to it when i am sad, i get all teary at the line "...two things more than you do", i'm like our Bristolian friend, generally in the grip of that love unrequited. If i'm all chipper however when that song swells and gets going i am filled with this amazing feeling.
I'm not listening to Asleep no matter how happy or sad lol
I have ticket for the 23rd but not our birthday. I have to believe everything happens for a reason.

I hope that he sings Unhappy Birthday ! :)

I believe that things happen for a reason too. I said that once in a very dire situation-looking for an 'explanation' and was told (by a Dr!), "Not necessarily...sometimes things just happen". :confused::( I'll stick with my gut on this one. *sigh*

How can anyone really define happiness, you have to be unhappy to understand it. ;) I'm like j0wled in that happy is my default, but it's a struggle over the years to keep that setting. :o There's certainly a speed limit in my pursuit of happiness. :rolleyes::p
now and again, but not often, but especially when drunk.....if that makes any sense :o
I have a sort of Jack Dee grump face too, which doesn't help conveying whether I feel happy or not :cool:
previously , i was happy with small and simple situations of life, and other times i was unhappy with tragicomic situations, but it was everything under my control, Now that I have been listening to Morrissey, small situations I do not make me happy and nothing seems to be under my control, I am unhappy trend.:(
maybe i misunderstood what you were saying, but ti seems like you're suggesting that morrissey is the cause of your unhappiness. if this is the case, why don't you stop listening to his music?
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