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The real nazi's would consider those who call themselves nazi's now a bunch of snowflakes.
And they are of course but snowflakes can freeze and get in your eye. :rolleyes:

There is a danger of course when people start spreading the nazi-propaganda and ideas cause it is frightening and many people not able to understand, not know how to learn, not really interested in history are uncertain, afraid and tend to give the guys with the promise of "the" solution to all "their" problems the benefit of the doubt.

After ww1 Germany was a giant mess and as the losing party was completely destroyed and in shambles.
The period of the so-called Weimar republic with inflation percengages that destroyed whatever was left of the economy. The moment a bread costs 1.3 million Reichsmark and just 2 hrs later almost 2 million Reichsmark.
Hitler and the whole Nazi clique around him promised a solution.
One aspect was to scapegoat the Jews and claiming they and only they were responsible.

It is true a number of big banks and companies were owned by Jewish people and they were rich.
But the percentage of the people who could be considered to be Jewish was very small even considered by the
racial and biological nonsense they designed.
Millions of people in Germany' lived in hell, starving to death of hunger, and anybody promising anything at all, would get a positive reaction cause those people had nothing to lose anymore. They were losing their lives already. The desperation was that big.

Still in hindsight it is unbelievable someone promising to solve ALL the problems and thinking by exterminating 6 million people would bring eternal welfare and paradise and the 1000 years Nazi empire is completely insane and irrational. And bound to fail.
And though they succeeded to kill many of the in their eyes inferior races they lost their war.

The allied forces did not make the same mistake as after ww2.
Billions of dollars were invested, the Marshall helpplan. Of course you could say that was in the interest of the capitalist system.
It was. But what was the alternative? Although Europe has to realize The Russians offered so many lives and fought against the nazis, the communist system was a thread too.

I finished reading some books about what happened in Germany after ww1. Eyewitnesses, stories from people living in that time and in Germany. Just common people, no historians.
I couldn't resist feeling empathy with those people who were mislead, promised a better life and lived in hell.
I read a story about a small, very poor city and someone described when the German army, the police and the SS arrived there.

The people standing at the streets, the ones that were able, in their rags, a lot of them no shoes and they looked at the German soldiers. They could not believe what they saw.
They saw very well fed and dressed in impressive uniforms soldiers, the officers of the SS in those black uniforms, the material of the armed troops was impressive too.
They'd never ever seen before something like it.
All because of the discipline which was of the highest order.
In no time the whole village or city was transformed, people had jobs, income, food and everything they needed.
And that's one of the reasons too so many common Germans supported Hitler and the Nazi regime.
Not saying it was the only reason.

Your point being?


Write a book mate!
Your point being?


Write a book mate!

The point was in the first sentence by saying that the real nazis would consider their followers of today as a bunch of snowflakes. Absolutely not harmless but nothing compared to the real ones.
I thought by explaining it would make that clear.
Not necessary for you, I know.
Your point being?


Write a book mate!

Are you serious?
I'm on this site.
It squeezes all creative impulses I might have to write anything at all.
Even my shopping list has done me in. :(
If I'm an asshole you'd think that 12 Slack would be at least a tiny bit interested or a lot.
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