Morrissey - Excellent value for money


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Somebody paid Mumford & Sons a half mil to do a festival? That's insanity. Banjo rock CAN'T be that lucrative.


Plus a percentage of ticket and merch sales, I'm assuming?

How much of that does he actually take home, after paying for the band and road crew's salaries, hotels, flights, tour bus, food, stage clothing, and taxes? Does Harvest cover any of that? I recall someone saying Jesse told them he ate fish in Hawaii and Moz didn't care but he wouldn't pay for it. Touring has to be quite expensive.

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As well sumated by Charlie Brooker:
Mumford & Sons = trust fund Wurzels.
As for prices... I guess it would be prudent to raise them a bit to avoid running out of petrol for the band equipment transportation this year ;)


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If Morrissey is asking that for the size of venue he usually plays I wouldn't be surprised but some of these bands seem to be greatly inflated. I've seen some is these bands and if they charged these rates then the venues I saw them at should be out of business.
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