Morrissey DVD being filmed at Foxwoods--Did I miss this?


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i saw this in a few ebay listings too...
anyone know what this is about?

oye terence

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Having been there a couple times, its an okay place, but would be a strange and frankly odd place to decide to make a tour film. I would think one of his dates in NYC would be first choice in filming a show.But, who knows...


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Buffalo Show and DVD Filming?

I was looking at some tickets for tonight's Buffalo show on eBay and he said:

"According to Pitchfork, they will be recording for the new Morrissey DVD at this show. This seat is pretty good, very close to the stage. You can either pick up the ticket from me, or I can bring it to you, we could even meet up at the show if that is more convenient for you."

Hogwash? I couldn't find the article online in a quick search. Off to school!



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Re: Buffalo Show and DVD Filming?

Ah, forget it. Fake out.

Said the same thing here:

March 28, 2009
Saturday Night!
MGM Grand Foxwoods
2 tix's
Orch R Row T
seats are together
actual hard tix's in hand
free delivery
free gift - free Itunes download for new album "Year of Refusal"
show is being recorded for a live dvd for a Chrismas release according to
Not to be missed!"

Sorry. Feel free to kill this thread.

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