Morrissey Duets


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At first I thought that was Chloe Sevigny's house and you were suggesting her. :o
It's actually Conan O'Brien's house. I'm sure he wouldn't mind singing a duet with Morrissey. They could have a quiff-off.


hope sandoval

shyness is nice eh?


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Charlotte Gainsbourg

Can't say I'm into her music but her voice would go well with Morrissey's. Plus it would be of historical significance


I heard 'Love Me' by the Cardigans this morning and as I was telling my daughter how 'Nina loves Morrissey', she said 'does he even know who she is?' :p Then she went into 'is he married and why not and if he likes cats, he can come to our house to see ours..." :D lolz
oh my god corrissey! thats sossoossooo funny!! ahahaha:D


My secret's my enzyme.
I wouldn't mind seeing Thom Yorke as well.
I don't think Thom Yorke should do a duet. His voice is too pure to me. It would be gilding the lily.

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