Morrissey drive in concert - would you go?

Bitch can call herself a LYFT. You think I am waiting around for some man to drive me home? Get outta here. I leave when I want.

Don't let me push you baby
What I like is your independence
Real spunk, real independence
And there's my car

How are you getting home
It's on my way, so let me take you home
Home home sweet home

i will just stand outside the fence and hear it for free.never drove a car in my life,im one of lifes great walkers,since i got my phone in 2019 iv walked 6,221,488 steps.
What’s more ridiculous is ....
“What setlist would work?”:rolleyes:
Well, there's plenty of car based songs to choose from. Off the top of my head:
  • Driving your girlfriend home
  • There is a light that never goes out
  • Boy racer
  • Teenage dad on his estate
  • That joke isn't funny anymore
  • That's how people grow up
I’d consider attending only if this Morrissey fellow believes the exact same things as I do!
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