Morrissey Drama of the Year 2008

Morrissey Drama 2008

  • Morrissey condemns Edinburgh Zoo's Budongo Trail

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  • Morrissey's management search

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Good luck, toots.

Yeah thanks, I'll need it. Now you can see my motives for declaring him not gay, I'm so selfish. It's my uterus talking, I swear! It operates independent from my brain and heart. :) Maybe I was a shrimp too and my uterus is in my head.
I had a sort of dream (half awake/half asleep, let my mind wander kind of dream) last night that I looked over and Morrissey was sitting in a chair while a baby stood on his lap and looked at him. He was facing the baby and they were looking into each other's eyes and Morrissey had this amazing smile on his face like he was feeling so peaceful and proud and the baby just slobbered and smiled back at him. I was going to post it but decided the "OMG MOZ = NO BABIES" response was so overwhemingly negative I said eh and kept it to my blog. He might not be into babies but in that little dream he was. He was looking at a little happy version of himself and he loved it.

mayb e i'm just drunk ( i know i am drunk) but that image is actualll y pretty beauttiful. i imagine him in a rocking chair next to a roraring fire.
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