Morrissey disses Madonna in Israel

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By davidt on Jun 8, 2012 at 10:50 PM
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    Playedsymphonies sends the post by Bitch at MadonnaNation:

    Big Mouth Strikes Again - Morrissey Disses Madonna. - MadonnaNation Forums

    Morrissey was performing this week in Israel and he gave an interview to one of the biggest newspapers here, in order to promote his show. He went on and on, when asked about M.

    Here's my translation:

    "I saw Madonna in concert a few years ago in L.A. and the wasteful distribution of everything extravagant meant to distract you from the fact that she has no talent whatsoever. No one from the crowd wanted to hug her. No one in the crowd wanted to come closer to her.

    She's the most succesful scam in the history of music and she never got a single complement from a person with an actual integrity.

    She's not funny, she has no personality. You look at the stage and sometimes you forget that she's even there... But she has an expensive PR machine, so she was probably heavily promoted in Israel, while I would be found in the gutter with my face down, for identification purposes."

    Here's the video article at
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2012 (read-only)' started by davidt, Jun 8, 2012.

    1. Anonymous
      He is talking utter nonsense. "Borderline", "Ray of Light", "Like a Prayer", "Into the Groove", "Express Yourself" and many others are quite simply brilliant pop songs.
    2. Iona Mink
      Iona Mink
      He's performing there this week? Have I completely slept through the last 6 weeks? I hate it when I do that.

      Given that fallacy how accurate is the rest of this article? I noticed we don't actually hear him say what they purport him to have said and besides, he went to Madonna concert?

      I don't know David, this has serious red flags.
    3. davidt
      The person that posted it was on a Madonna forum so probably not up-to-date on the actual Morrissey concert date.

      If you watch the video, it's an actual news broadcast. Also I recall hearing Morrissey was at a Madonna concert in LA several years ago.
    4. Giselle
      The comments that the MadonnaNation Forum members made about Morrissey after this article was published: :eek:.

      I saw Madonna in 2008 in Houston (although I'm sure Morrissey had much better seats at his show!), and I really enjoyed the concert. I thought it was a huge spectacle,like concerts that are produced on that scale tend to be. I did enjoy the music, as I've been a fan of hers since I was in elementary school in the mid 1980's. The stage antics were really over the top in the best possible way.

      I bought a lovely full color program with some great close up shots of Madonna's abs and biceps. :p
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    5. 9 x Fined
      9 x Fined
      That she didn't even write...
    6. FatGayVegan
      Actually, she co-wrote most of them. I'm talking about Madonna.
    7. CrystalGeezer
      This is a nightmare.
    8. Amy
      Madonna has nothing to do with it, really - this is just another excuse for him to whine about lack of promotion and how he's not as popular as he'd like to be. By now he should be proud of his own integrity and comfortable with his own level of fame, instead of constantly undermining it with slurs against anyone and everyone who sells more just makes him sound childish and full of resentment. Who's he going to swipe at next? Take That? :rolleyes:
    9. Anonymous
    10. Anonymous
      I agree with his views on her but we all also have to remember that gay men do tend to envy strong women who are using their sexuality in a way that has no limits. Madonna follows a very long american tradition of making music that is aimed at kids which also grabs the attention from those less fortunate when it comes to what music they like.
    11. Anonymous
      Wonder if there's a bit of anger towards Alain in there as well, considering that he recently contributed to her new album.
    12. Guernie
      Moz is giving the news media what them want ....... an honest opinion on someone , Not playing kissie face with Madonna but a real view that he would probably express to to friends and family that ask his view of Madonna while visiting his home . He has always given views that may hurt peoples feelings and the media knows this . They need to have SOMETHING to report on so its "Hey lets ask Moz ! "
      I view it like ( and I really hate the compairison ) when Simon Cowell was on American Idial. All the other judges said very little negative but Simon would at least give and opinion Good or bad . Then he would get booed for it . O well .
    13. Anonymous
      Is that supposed to make a difference? Madonna is good at what she does, which is making fun dance music. I know you probably don't consider that talent but I do think its unfair not to give her any sort of credit for lasting as long as she has.
    14. Anonymous
      so what? Frank Sinatra didn't write his stuff either
    15. shayde
      bullshit. morrissey loves madonna. he has said this much. everyone knows this.
    16. celibate
      Madddie just *sighs* about a guy from Manchester
    17. celibate
      Anyone here, if you could get to see Madonna , would you go, even free tickets?

      I certainly would, and a lot too... who wouldn't dare to say or admit

      get into the groove/frozen/ holliday/like a virgin/like a prayer etc

      ' and they say he's mentall'

    18. Tibby
      I think Madonna`s influence has been more about fashion rather than music.I think she`s very calculating.I think she knows what sells and acts accordingly.It`s always been style over substance where she`s concerned.
    19. Irregular Regular
      Irregular Regular
      So, is this what it has come down to?
      Rather sad.

      'I think this is more or less the end of the story...I think the ashes are already about us, if we could but notice them.'

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