Morrissey day in Liverpool (Feb. 22, 2018)

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By pretorius on Feb 9, 2018 at 12:04 PM
  1. pretorius

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    Sep 26, 2017
    Hi all, I thought I would post this link, Liverpool are having a Morrissey day on Feb 22nd, at the "British Music Experience" at the Cunard Buildings, which is perfect as I am going to see him in Leeds the following Saturday.

    Morrissey Day!
    While the musical legend himself is on another sell out UK tour, the British Music Experience is marking his long career by marking 22nd of February as Morrissey Day.

    We will have on display part of the collection of Moz superfan Matt Jacobson, author of ‘Pieces of Morrissey: Adventures of the Moz Army’. This collection includes the shirt worn by Morrissey at his Liverpool Empire gig which was thrown into the audience and caught by Matt. We also have the T shirt that was worn by Morrissey in the Every Day is Just Like Sunday video, signed by the man himself. All this sits alongside our permanent exhibition celebrating the influence of Manchester music which features Stone Roses, Happy Mondays and New Order exhibits amongst others.

    Talking of T shirts if you come to BME on the 22nd wearing a Morrissey or Smiths T shirt you can get 20% of the admission price.

    All this and a Morrissey playlist featured throughout the day in our café, which will be vegetarian/vegan just for the day. Our brilliant BME House Band may pop up with a surprise Morrissey/Smiths tune or two throughout the day as well.
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Discussion in 'Events archive (read-only)' started by pretorius, Feb 9, 2018.

    1. swift eclipse
      swift eclipse
      But will you be going on to Birmingham to complete the trifecta in dear ol' blighty?
    2. Anonymous
      Wish Jacobsen would just fuck off.
    3. Thewlis
      So are all the dates on the UK Tour sold out then? Would be a huge success indeed!
    4. ACTON
      He's on more than just a yUK tour. Listing Dublin as the UK on the early posters was a complete shithead mistake for anyone to make. Right cunt whoever did that.
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    5. Anonymous
      How fucking typical. The most provincial of UK cities has a Morrissey day, the very same day as everyone else is travelling the the second most provincial UK city to see him in concert. You couldn’t make it up. Hilarious.
    6. Anonymous
      Note to self. Don’t post at 2.30am when you’ve had loads of wine. It’s not the same day. However Liverpool and Newcastle are very provincially minded cities, in my considered opinion.
    7. gordyboy9
      oh how i miss the small venue tours of the past.suppose it would be too expensive to do that now so makes sense.
    8. Peppermint
      Yes, and it's part of their appeal. You get a sense of place and a rich local heritage in a way you don't get elsewhere.
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    9. pretorius
      Alas will not be seeing him play in Birmingham.
      My wife and I went to New York late November for our 30th Anniversary, we saw him at Madison Square Garden, sold out and he was on top form....
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    10. Anonymous
      Just to pander to you - why?
      Because he's written a book?
    11. Anonymous
      Liverpool is home to Britain’s oldest black community and Europe’s oldest Chinese community. Britain’s first Chinese newspaper, Hua Chow Pao, was published here.

      One of the earliest mosques in Britain was built here (1887) and Liverpool has large Jewish, Hindu and Sikh populations, all sitting alongside one of the largest Catholic populations in the UK.

      As modern city’s go, Liverpool is racially diverse and relatively tension-free. Liverpool voted remain in the EU referendum.

      There are more galleries and museums in Liverpool than any other city outside of London, and before Tate Modern opened, Tate Liverpool was the largest exhibition space dedicated to modern art in the UK.

      The architecture is astonishing. Liverpool is the most sought after location for film and television shoots outside of London.

      And we haven’t even got onto music. Musicians from the city have produced 56 number one singles, more than any other city in the world. Liverpool also has the oldest surviving professional symphony orchestra in the UK.

      A Trip Advisor poll in 2011 voted Liverpool as having the best nightlife in the UK.

      Provincial? Fuck off.
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    12. Anonymous
      Most are nowhere near sold out. Expect lots of the arena seats to be curtained off
    13. ACTON
      'Everyday is just like Sunday'? Looks like a real professional group of people are organising this all right. At least they spelled Morrissey right :rolleyes:
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    14. Anonymous
      nah. nothing to do with his book. he is just a boring tosser, with no opinion of his own.
    15. dotmatrix522
      I wonder if any of his band or relatives will be in attendance at this?
      I’m assuming no, but I was curious.
    16. Anonymous

      Well , they aren't touring that night -whispers are very interesting .................... :)
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    17. Bluebirds
      Wonder if the plastic pint glass that made him storm off in a huff will be on display?
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    18. dotmatrix522
      Did anyone go to this today? How was it?
    19. pretorius
      Yes it was ACE, lovely people, nice entertainment, great stories, and a brill starter to seeing Moz in Leeds this Saturday.
      We are going to the after concert party as well, feels like a right Moz weekend....

      What made it even better I just recieved in work from Ebay a 12" of "Panic" :)
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