MORRISsey dancing


Love me outside Mzlicious
MOZ on a poster for the English Folk Dance and Song Society

an efdss poster in real life

'The Seeds of Love' - Final Weeks!
an exhibition of artwork by David Owen

Since 18th September 2008 The English Folk Dance and Song Society has been proud to present an exhibition of work from Whitby-based artist David Owen. The Seeds of Love, the first show of an exciting new visual arts programme at the house, features a dazzling array of folk inspired prints, photographs and posters.

The exhibition is now in its final weeks and continues to be free to the general public. The exhibition is open Tuesday to Saturday from 10am until 6pm and will run until December 20th. If you would like to see more of David Owen's work online you can visit his website at

'...As a visual artist I have had to find ways to interpret the themes, images and stories in a visual language to demonstrate that folk music is contemporary, modern, relevant and also beautiful, sad, and funny...' David Owen
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