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    Music industry trade websites have recently listed Morrissey as being presently managed by either Irving Azoff or Ron Laffitte. This information is untrue. Morrissey does not have management, and does not have a recording deal. Any enquiries on both of these matters may be addressed to Donnie at [email protected]. No other source at this time represents Morrissey.

    UPDATE Mar. 6, 7:50AM PT:

    alabamy posted some additional info on "Donnie".
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2012 (read-only)' started by goinghome, Mar 5, 2012.

    1. Amy
      *sound of violins*

      So how long did he stay with Lafitte - six months? Ridiculous.
    2. celibate
      Thought SJM , Mike Hinc's company does his touring biznizz

      as for a recorddeal, as if we didn't know

      managers and Morrissey is trouble
    3. Anonymous
      I'll be your Manager.
    4. mr.m
      Re: Article: Morrissey currently without management or record deal - statement at tru

      The anonymous manager. :lbf:
    5. Anonymous
      Management companies may be afraid to sign him; they may be asked to wear only a bra and black pants when representing him. Or, they may have to go in drag.

      I really feel sorry for Morrissey; he was once went about his career in a very subtle way--speaking up for what he believes in and also doing so creatively and with talent. Now, he dresses his band like dolls, and he has gone the route of being somewhat controversial/shocking to hide or to cover up the poor quality singles/albums in recent years.
    6. Torieger
      Re: Article: Morrissey currently without management or record deal - statement at tru

      I too feel very sorry for Morrissey at this stage in his career- what with no management, no record label, the NME lawsuit, etc...
      Maybe he is just going through some kind of "mid-life crisis" ? Those of us fans who care about him and his music can only hope that things will turn around for him down the road.
    7. Anonymous
      I agree. I think he must be going through some sort of crisis or a realization that he really is alone?

      I know time changes people, but the severe nose dive in terms of quality, thoughtful lyrics and music is disheartening. He does not even seem as happy as he was back in the Arsenal days.
    8. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      I was reading a great interview with Leonard Cohen a few weeks ago. Grauniad I think... Anyway, he was talking about the dark days of his career in the early eighties, when his record company had refused to release his album Various Positions. Unhappy with this decision he went to see the President of the record company for an explanation. "Leonard, we know you're great. We just don't know if you're any good." I wonder if that is where Morrissey finds himself these days. It may well be worth the aggro when he is delivering the goods, but when he isn't, and frankly the last thing he did that was really half decent artistically or commercially, was Quarry, maybe he's not worth the grief. Would you give Morrissey a job? I know I wouldn't.
    9. Librarian On Fire
      Librarian On Fire
      Would you really want the person looking after you to have a gmail account? What does that say about Donnie? It's all very very loose.

      So is this tour self funding then? Where is all the money coming from for the gigs, transport, accomodation?
    10. billybu69
      Re: Article: Morrissey currently without management or record deal - statement at tru

      I've got a gmail account,whats wrong with gmail?:blushing:
    11. Gregor Samsa
      Gregor Samsa
      With no management and no recording deal he still sells out tours and cause uproar as soon as he says anything out of the norm.

      For purely selfish reasons I hope to God he'll get an album out asap, but if he doesn't, I'll still support him, because I love him and he has helped thru some tough shit (and continues to do so).
    12. bored
      I think it's safe to say that Morrissey could easily get signed to a small independent label. He said in Argentina or Chile that he doesn't want that.

      The problem is the major labels are down to only about three and they really don't want to deal with him probably for a few reasons such as:

      1. He's and old star and they are always looking for something new
      2. He has a history of being hard to work with
      3. He's not given any indication that he is willing to work in the digital age as the main way of selling records

      The other part that we don't know anything about is what he actually wants from a label. He says the small labels cannot promote him properly so clearly that is something he wants. He's been in the business a long time and he knows way to much to end up signing a deal that would screw him over. He might actually be asking for things that are not reasonable and the labels are probably offering something not reasonable (because that is what they do) so you end up with two sides so far apart an agreement cannot be made.

      The problem here is that the big labels have all the money and power that determines who gets played on the radio and MTV. Morrissey doesn't appear to want to adapt and play their game.

      Part of me sympathizes with that point of view because it's ruining music but it is THEIR money and they are going to invest it the way they want and if you want them to invest in you then you have to agree to their terms.

      On a small label he'd be able to have a lot more control but the money wouldn't be there. I don't even think he could spend his own money to promote a record because the big players in the music biz have the connections. They know who to talk to and have established relationships already. To buy into that place would cost an inordinate amount of money for self-promotion.

      I really do hope he finds a way to get the new songs to us. I just don't see it happening the way Morrissey envisions it.
    13. Mail from Wiesbaden
      Mail from Wiesbaden
      Dear Morrissey,

      I think you should contact Glitterhouse Records - guess they could be your label. Powerfull, good artists, German...
      No, I have nothing do to with them but like artists (like the Walkabouts) who cooperate with them for many years.
      Anyhow: We all like your old stuff but it´s time to create something new!

    14. Anonymous
      A couple of things:
      - Morrissey does NOT want to go with a small label; he is used to EMI, Warners, etc.
      - The record industry has changed beyond recognition since Morrissey started; no more BIG promotion and/or BIG budgets or BIG advances.
      - Ringleader did peak at UK No1 but overall the sales were poor.

      He wants a big advance and a large promotion campaign; it is NOT going to happen! Only Gaga & Madonna have these deals these days.
    15. Anonymous
      What is/used to be the advance payment for a mega-selling artist? Ninety thousand pounds?
    16. Anonymous
      Re: Article: Morrissey currently without management or record deal - statement at tru

      Mid life crisis? I think he's past that age somehow.
    17. Anonymous
      Re: Article: Morrissey currently without management or record deal - statement at tru

      wtf are you talking about? Ringleaders was a beautiful album and Refusal is fantastic too. Now if you want to talk about the shoddy re releasing then yes he has lost his way but don't tell me Paris wasn't a great single!
    18. Anonymous
      Manchester has now dis-owned this scatter-brained nit wit.
      People laugh at the mention of his name.
      But Johnny,Mike and Andy are still artists that the city are VERY proud of as well as all the other Sons and Daughters who contributed to the sound of Manchester back in the day.
      Manchester is now a very different place to the Manchester Morrissey once new and people have changed and moved on with the times and it will always have a strong pulse.
      Unlike its dis-owned Son who seems to have dried up of any decent creative output, burned up many many bridges, has no interest from any label or management, an over weight, grey haired, bitter and twissted horrible man who now tours around with a ten bob pot stall covering tin-pot versions of his old songs whilst talking absolute bollocks in-between songs to a young innocent audience.
      GET OFF THE STAGE!!!!! or do something and MOVE WITH THE TIMES!!!!!!

      If its "THE BOOK" next it better be good too and not full of in between song silly Morrissisms or its the old folks home for you, knitting and talking the coat stand to death
    19. Anonymous
      Re: Article: Morrissey currently without management or record deal - statement at tru

      Yeh its pencilled in for early next year when the band have told him to caugh!!!!!Its gonna be a one man show with him dressing himself up stupid and singing to backing tracks

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