Morrissey: "Current feminism does not help our societies and makes masculinism retaliate" - Culto

I will preface this article with a couple of caveats: firstly, it has gone through translate and secondly, context and details are lacking. It should be noted that the title is part of one question asked and not the main topic - it is a bit misleading. Only a few questions with lots of commentary/background.

In Culto (part of La Tercera), by Andrés del Real (29th July, 2018):

Morrissey: "Current feminism does not help our societies and makes masculinism retaliate"

Click the spoiler to see the full article in Google translated English:
Morrissey: "Current feminism does not help our societies and makes masculinism retaliate"

How does a celebrity adapt to the times? Probably not being Morrissey, who, true to his style and before his return to Chile, shoots against modern feminism, the English press and "the culture of the negation of the left".
Last month, an indeterminate number of English self-styled "former admirers of Morrissey" announced on social networks a party against racism in Manchester, set for the same night that the British artist, his exidolo, would come to the city with the tour promotional of his most recent album, Low in high school. The reason? The statements that the former Smith of The Smiths had made days before, taking pity on the situation of the founder of the movement of extreme right English Defense League, Tommy Robinson, sentenced to 13 months in prison for contempt of court. Coincidence or not, days before the shows, the singer announced the cancellation of his dates in Manchester and all the rest of his European tour, due to "logistical problems".

The episode is added to the increasingly extensive list of polemics starring the soloist, who with the same voice with which for decades has captivated different generations of followers in search of an answer to their torments and depressions, has also got into a series of problems and controversies, for statements against the British monarchy -one of its favorite targets-, multicultural Europe and immigration, and even the #metoo feminist movement, relativizing the denunciations against Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey, among others. His verbal incontinence seems to go against the current tendency of his colleagues, quick to bend to all the causes that drive certain opinion leaders and many of their own followers.

But even the sharpest language at some point knows when to stop, and Steven Patrick Morrissey is no exception: consulted by Worship about what happened in Manchester, the musician opts for silence. It is the only answer that he decides to omit from a questionnaire sent via mail at his request, in which, before launching a series of darts against various causes and modern institutions, he gives praise to the Chilean public.

"It's always great for me to go to Chile. I feel that I am valued there as a serious artist, rather than as mere entertainment for the media,"

says the 59-year-old soloist, once dubbed by the press of his country as "The Pope of Depression", from of the semi-divine cult that generates its sensitive and enlightened voice, which unleashes extreme and conflicting passions. A church that in Chile, despite its history of controversy, the canceled tours and the headaches that suppose for the producers their vegan demands and their particular character -recognized by the former director of the Viña Festival, Álex Hernández, who asked that the Briton "I hope he does not come back" - he still has a respectable legion of faithful, as the six presentations that the artist accumulates in the country prove,

- In recent years, many of his statements to the press have generated controversy, including rejection and even campaigns against him. Do you feel that in these times it is difficult to express a different opinion to the predominant or politically incorrect current? Is it difficult today to be critical of modern life?

- It is difficult in England, where all the written press is controlled by the left, which does not want an open debate or a different opinion. The left is closed minded and works very hard to maintain a culture of denial. If you do not agree with the left, you are massacred in the press for being a racist fanatic, your public is ridiculed and every effort is made to silence you. If you question Islam or multiculturalism, the BBC radio will not reproduce your music because Islam is now a dominant ideology in the United Kingdom. I oppose halal killing [a type of preparation of animal flesh according to Islamic law] as well as I oppose any killing of animals, and that is the reason why the "Loony Left" [term with which the European extreme left is pejoratively called in certain sectors of the United Kingdom] has tried to destroy me. My views are not controversial, but if you question Islam you can be sent to jail without a trial. This is Soviet Britain, it's very real, and it's too big a problem to take over.

- Is feminism a topic that worries or generates a particular opinion? Do you think that musicians and artists in general have the responsibility to express a position on this topic today?

-I discovered feminism when I was 14 years old. By then, it was the answer to everything, because it freed all people, not just women. I read And Jill Came Tumbling After (Judith Stacey), The Female Eunuch (Germaine Greer), Women and Madness(Phyllis Chesler) and they changed my point of view. Modern feminism is not the same because it seems to aspire to "whatever men do," and that seems to be enough. Therefore, it becomes a great success, for example, to have a female football team or a group of girls in a boy scout club. The original goal of feminism was to move towards a higher intellectual plane, but now it only seems to want to occupy masculine positions and receive male aggression. It does not help our societies and, on the contrary, it causes masculinism to retaliate. Female leaders in Germany and the United Kingdom have made a mess of those countries, and this does not help modern feminism either. In all matters what I ask of the people is that they think for themselves. Collect your own material and you will reach your own conclusions. It is easy. Just stop watching the news!

Music does not change the world
The criticisms of the voice of "How soon is now?" To the media are not new and have increased in the last time. Answering through his email seems to be the way he chose to communicate publicly, after he himself announced, last December during a concert in Germany, his decision to stop giving interviews to the written press, after accusing the newspaper Der Spiegel twisted his words in an interview in which, among other things, he would have indicated that the actor Kevin Spacey has been "unnecessarily attacked" after accusations of sexual abuse against him, and even that he would kill the president of the United States, Donald Trump, if the opportunity were given.

But it has been the media in his country that have responded the hardest to the soloist. His eleventh solo album, Low in high school(2017), perhaps the most overtly political work of his discography, was warmly received by the specialized critics. And while an opinion column in The Guardian newspaper a few weeks ago called simply to "stop listening" to Morrissey's music, NME magazine this month published the story of Johnny Turner, a guy who imitates the singer in a tribute band to The Smiths, who confessed that these days people stop him in the street and contact him on social networks to insult him and threaten him if he supports the controversial sayings of his idol. If before being a fan of "Moz" was tantamount to declaring a misfit, today, in a time of greater sensitivity to certain causes postponed and in which many young people have chosen to "veto" their social networks to celebrities who do not share their opinions ,

- In this era of musical consumption via streaming, social networks and post-truth, do you think that music, the lyrics of a song, can change the world? Or at least make it a little better?

-We are very closed and I think we resort to music to discover who or what we are. Music tells us how to escape from certain things. It does not change the world, because songs are like art arrows and can not really compete with the silly spectacle of war, money and political violence ... which is what makes the world go round. The songs mitigate the trauma of ... just being alive.

- In 2019 it will turn 60 years old. Is it something that bothers you or that you receive with peace of mind? Do you see yourself singing on stage and publishing albums for many more years?

-I feel somewhat insensitive with respect to age. Everything happens so fast that it is difficult to even know what is really happening. As long as I have a good pulse, I know that I will have the initiative to sing. I am not a chosen one, I have never been promoted to be fashionable or I am where I am because of my appearance, therefore, I have not moved away from the original need to sing. You must continue as if everyone is listening to you ... Even if they are not!

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Anyone from Chile in the know?

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vegan.cro spirit# 111

Please tell me how Russia today is different than when they were "communists"? Yeltsin banned them but they came back with a new name. Putin has run the country longer than any premiere, and when he wasn't he had a sockpuppet to do it for him. Any business that goes against the party is taken over by the party. Are you trying to make the argument they are a free democracy with capitalism running rampant?

I like how you...the resident drama queen...attempts to call others for drama.
Smoking weed and skateboarding? Now who is out of touch? You forgot to mention my VW fan and tyedye t-shirt there grandpa

Quick question. Have you ever written a post where you didnt insult someone/imply they are stupid? I imagine the world would end if that happened. Not entirely a bad thing.


They have private property FFS you cant have COMMUNISM with private property.



Johnny Barleycorn

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The people who collect your bins work set hours for which they get paid.
Not so with carers.
And not to put anyone off their tea, but caring involves dealing with all sorts of shit, literally and figuratively.

I wasn’t talking about carers.

vegan.cro spirit# 400


another day in the life of the INSANE CLOWN POSSE where Skinny pretends to be his own boyfriend (Surface).

pretty soon Im going to have more followers that the Blue Rose SimonG23 blog.:thumb:
And I dont even have a public blog.:rolleyes:


I agree feminism in our days it not that good, but also the meaning of it is getting weak. Now many women call themselves feminists (like Beyonce or Madonna) and they are just puppets giving to the wold what men want from them. If I had to choose a modern feminist I would say Yoko Ono or Siouxsie Sioux.
No surprise to read that Morrissey again is complaining about people from the left destroying him. Well, no dear, you are destroying yourself for not thinking before talking.


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Feminism in the west is absolute cancer, why don't feminists f*** off to Iran and help women who actually need it?


...Dunno about you guys, but me I love it when Morrissi humasplains feminism.

-No no, don't pay any attention to that song, do go on, I'm all ears.


It's not the fact that there's no Sheila E inbuckle your shoe the band (we accept that you'll never be Prince.) It's not the fact that you found Kristeen Young mysteriouly suddenly difficult to deal with after acting all enamoured. It's not the fact that the female friends we hear about all seem to have been victims of men. It's not the way you abandoned aunt Nancy when once you called her pop royalty. It's not the way the woman you considered having children with never said anything and was described as always on time. It's not the way you say "girl" when you should probably say "woman".
It's just the fact that no female can say "Arnold and Willy" to your face without you feeling emasculated that is making me slightly suspicious.

Is South America a safety haven for men? Looking forward to it?
Are you going to pose with Argentine senators in front of the picture of a uterus? Please please make them wear tracksuits and manspread! :pray:



It IS a beautiful day but way too hot, there's nothing to do but ramble on. Don't pay any attention peeps. Very hot means very long.

Shortly after this M interview, there was a video that surfaced on the web, of a woman being slapped by a stranger in the street. He'd made discourteous noises of a sexual nature. She replied by saying "shut up". It was a beautiful day but he didn't let it go away. He threw an ashtray at her, missed, insults flew on both sides, and he hit her.
This happened right next to a café and, besides that scene, it's fascinating (to use a Morrissey word) to watch the varied reactions of the people sitting outside having a drink.
There's the guy who instantly gets up and grabs a chair, walking towards the assaillant. No one knows exactly what the chair is for, but his excellent reflexes identify him instantly as the alpha male. His work colleagues no doubt call him Fafa now. A few other people stand up, a couple of girls look at her maybe inquiring if she's okay, but the fascinating thing is the people not moving a muscle. There's a guy on the left who carries on sipping quietly. What is going on in that guy's head? Is he too drunk to react in any way? Is he a tourist, thinking this kerfuffle is part of the local folklore? Does he think it's a domestic and that he should keep a low profile? Did his mum and dad fight a lot when he was a little kid?

These various reactions might explain why people feel differently towards feminism. When you see a woman being assaulted, you might want to fight, say something, or keep on drinking vodka. So when you think about women in society, you might feel like doing one of these things also.

I think patriarchy is so internalized in most human societies that if you're a woman it either makes you angry or you don't know what to do or you turn a blind eye to it.
If you're a woman, I think it's one thing to be puzzled when women rise up in cute little pink hats, when actresses demand equal pay. But I think it's another thing to say they exxaggerate. If you start displaying a lack of solidarity in minor fights, like, if you tut tut at the march for the right to wear tight t.shirts with unicorns on them, then it's likely you're not going to protest much when a woman gets slapped in the street. Or when females in far- off countries have their external genitalia removed. You might think these are different problems, and that you're not this sort of person. To me it's the one same old ancient problem.

When I read public figures basically saying to the world it was their fault that they got raped, all kind of alarms ring in my head. When I read their mate saying modern feminism makes men retaliate, I know I'm not hallucinating.

Basically to use a comparison I hope Morrissey will appreciate, it's a bit like when nazis invade your country. You can say " Welcome, wilkommen, bienvenue!". You can say "f*** off you f***ing scum!". But if you say, "Well, I'm not sure, of course it's not very nice...But Frantz has such nice eyes!" then you're probably somewhere on the spectrum and we're going to have to hide you in the cellar because they also deport those, you know.

There comes a time when one is simply for, or against.

As for women wanting the same things as men, well that seems fair enough. I just keep in mind that it's because women have had to adapt to societies created by men for centuries. They have never had enough power in those societies to really take over and transform them. They want to do men's jobs because that's all they know. It takes a lot of faith and imagination to create something. Most people just adapt to what's around them.
Men have been in charge of the world for a long time and it's obvious to everyone they've not done a very good job. I'm not saying that women would do better. I think they need to reconnect what something that they presumably have that men must lack a bit (otherwise the planet wouldn't be in that state). What is it? I don't know. Intuition. Connection with nature. Life forces. Minor stuff like that.

Of course it's not obvious when you see them wimmin in cities, glued to their phones, shopping, applying lipgloss in their car, etc. It's more obvious when you look at the daughter of a popstar who got raped because she was allegedly asking for it and that that daughter is chained to a tree to oppose fracking. One of these people is obviously connected. And not to the internet.The other, I'm not so sure.

Finally ("sigh of relief") I'm saying all this on the site of someone who represents patriarchy. Now hear me out, before shrieking "nonsense, he's gay, he never had a daddy, he was raised by his mummy, how can you say that you demented anonymous hippie!"
Think about it. The way he constantly explains things, has big theories about everything and everyone and you listen, even when it's obvious he doesn't have the faintest clue, you listen anyway. The way he wants to control everything. The way he loves power, the power of his image, his power over crowds, his power in the charts (26 vinyls sold to secure a number one position these days, but still).
He may sabotage his career like an incontinent troll on a daily basis, he remains the man in charge. As leader of the Spliffs, as leader of Muppets and the Lawnmover Parts 2. He tells you what to eat. He tells you not to watch the news. He tells you not to vote. Then he tells you who to vote for. He asks you to give him your money.
And he enjoys all that. He's an almost big wheel in a well-oiled machine. He may be gay but he's a man all right. He thinks and acts like one.

We have to realize who we put in a position of power. Guys like Trump and Morrissey. Is this what men want? Not really. Is this what women want? Ah now come on. Is this what humanity deserves? Don't hate yourselves like that!

It's obvious these people shouldn't have any power. Yet they still do.

Does it make you mad, sad, or glad?

As for me, I've told Morrissey to shut up too many times to count. He never needed to slap me. People just kept drinking.

(That guitarist, in particular. He never let go of his beer...Gotta admire that in a man :thumb:).

Steven Shorter

"It is difficult in England, where all the written press is controlled by the left"

Does he seriously believe that? He really is getting delusional in his old age.

If a paper is criticizing him for supporting a right wing party, it's most likely controlled by the left, right? Isn't it reasonable to say that most of the newspapers criticizing him are written at least, by left wing people. I don't see many people (other than Marie Waters Anne and Fiona Dodgewell) singing his praise for supporting a right wing party, which the newspapers would be doing if they agreed/ if they were right wing.

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