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    I will preface this article with a couple of caveats: firstly, it has gone through translate and secondly, context and details are lacking. It should be noted that the title is part of one question asked and not the main topic - it is a bit misleading. Only a few questions with lots of commentary/background.

    In Culto (part of La Tercera), by Andrés del Real (29th July, 2018):

    Morrissey: "Current feminism does not help our societies and makes masculinism retaliate"

    Click the spoiler to see the full article in Google translated English:
    Morrissey: "Current feminism does not help our societies and makes masculinism retaliate"

    How does a celebrity adapt to the times? Probably not being Morrissey, who, true to his style and before his return to Chile, shoots against modern feminism, the English press and "the culture of the negation of the left".
    Last month, an indeterminate number of English self-styled "former admirers of Morrissey" announced on social networks a party against racism in Manchester, set for the same night that the British artist, his exidolo, would come to the city with the tour promotional of his most recent album, Low in high school. The reason? The statements that the former Smith of The Smiths had made days before, taking pity on the situation of the founder of the movement of extreme right English Defense League, Tommy Robinson, sentenced to 13 months in prison for contempt of court. Coincidence or not, days before the shows, the singer announced the cancellation of his dates in Manchester and all the rest of his European tour, due to "logistical problems".

    The episode is added to the increasingly extensive list of polemics starring the soloist, who with the same voice with which for decades has captivated different generations of followers in search of an answer to their torments and depressions, has also got into a series of problems and controversies, for statements against the British monarchy -one of its favorite targets-, multicultural Europe and immigration, and even the #metoo feminist movement, relativizing the denunciations against Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey, among others. His verbal incontinence seems to go against the current tendency of his colleagues, quick to bend to all the causes that drive certain opinion leaders and many of their own followers.

    But even the sharpest language at some point knows when to stop, and Steven Patrick Morrissey is no exception: consulted by Worship about what happened in Manchester, the musician opts for silence. It is the only answer that he decides to omit from a questionnaire sent via mail at his request, in which, before launching a series of darts against various causes and modern institutions, he gives praise to the Chilean public.

    "It's always great for me to go to Chile. I feel that I am valued there as a serious artist, rather than as mere entertainment for the media,"

    says the 59-year-old soloist, once dubbed by the press of his country as "The Pope of Depression", from of the semi-divine cult that generates its sensitive and enlightened voice, which unleashes extreme and conflicting passions. A church that in Chile, despite its history of controversy, the canceled tours and the headaches that suppose for the producers their vegan demands and their particular character -recognized by the former director of the Viña Festival, Álex Hernández, who asked that the Briton "I hope he does not come back" - he still has a respectable legion of faithful, as the six presentations that the artist accumulates in the country prove,

    - In recent years, many of his statements to the press have generated controversy, including rejection and even campaigns against him. Do you feel that in these times it is difficult to express a different opinion to the predominant or politically incorrect current? Is it difficult today to be critical of modern life?

    - It is difficult in England, where all the written press is controlled by the left, which does not want an open debate or a different opinion. The left is closed minded and works very hard to maintain a culture of denial. If you do not agree with the left, you are massacred in the press for being a racist fanatic, your public is ridiculed and every effort is made to silence you. If you question Islam or multiculturalism, the BBC radio will not reproduce your music because Islam is now a dominant ideology in the United Kingdom. I oppose halal killing [a type of preparation of animal flesh according to Islamic law] as well as I oppose any killing of animals, and that is the reason why the "Loony Left" [term with which the European extreme left is pejoratively called in certain sectors of the United Kingdom] has tried to destroy me. My views are not controversial, but if you question Islam you can be sent to jail without a trial. This is Soviet Britain, it's very real, and it's too big a problem to take over.

    - Is feminism a topic that worries or generates a particular opinion? Do you think that musicians and artists in general have the responsibility to express a position on this topic today?

    -I discovered feminism when I was 14 years old. By then, it was the answer to everything, because it freed all people, not just women. I read And Jill Came Tumbling After (Judith Stacey), The Female Eunuch (Germaine Greer), Women and Madness(Phyllis Chesler) and they changed my point of view. Modern feminism is not the same because it seems to aspire to "whatever men do," and that seems to be enough. Therefore, it becomes a great success, for example, to have a female football team or a group of girls in a boy scout club. The original goal of feminism was to move towards a higher intellectual plane, but now it only seems to want to occupy masculine positions and receive male aggression. It does not help our societies and, on the contrary, it causes masculinism to retaliate. Female leaders in Germany and the United Kingdom have made a mess of those countries, and this does not help modern feminism either. In all matters what I ask of the people is that they think for themselves. Collect your own material and you will reach your own conclusions. It is easy. Just stop watching the news!

    Music does not change the world
    The criticisms of the voice of "How soon is now?" To the media are not new and have increased in the last time. Answering through his email seems to be the way he chose to communicate publicly, after he himself announced, last December during a concert in Germany, his decision to stop giving interviews to the written press, after accusing the newspaper Der Spiegel twisted his words in an interview in which, among other things, he would have indicated that the actor Kevin Spacey has been "unnecessarily attacked" after accusations of sexual abuse against him, and even that he would kill the president of the United States, Donald Trump, if the opportunity were given.

    But it has been the media in his country that have responded the hardest to the soloist. His eleventh solo album, Low in high school(2017), perhaps the most overtly political work of his discography, was warmly received by the specialized critics. And while an opinion column in The Guardian newspaper a few weeks ago called simply to "stop listening" to Morrissey's music, NME magazine this month published the story of Johnny Turner, a guy who imitates the singer in a tribute band to The Smiths, who confessed that these days people stop him in the street and contact him on social networks to insult him and threaten him if he supports the controversial sayings of his idol. If before being a fan of "Moz" was tantamount to declaring a misfit, today, in a time of greater sensitivity to certain causes postponed and in which many young people have chosen to "veto" their social networks to celebrities who do not share their opinions ,

    - In this era of musical consumption via streaming, social networks and post-truth, do you think that music, the lyrics of a song, can change the world? Or at least make it a little better?

    -We are very closed and I think we resort to music to discover who or what we are. Music tells us how to escape from certain things. It does not change the world, because songs are like art arrows and can not really compete with the silly spectacle of war, money and political violence ... which is what makes the world go round. The songs mitigate the trauma of ... just being alive.

    - In 2019 it will turn 60 years old. Is it something that bothers you or that you receive with peace of mind? Do you see yourself singing on stage and publishing albums for many more years?

    -I feel somewhat insensitive with respect to age. Everything happens so fast that it is difficult to even know what is really happening. As long as I have a good pulse, I know that I will have the initiative to sing. I am not a chosen one, I have never been promoted to be fashionable or I am where I am because of my appearance, therefore, I have not moved away from the original need to sing. You must continue as if everyone is listening to you ... Even if they are not!

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    Anyone from Chile in the know?

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      Your scoreboard be broken, foo'.

      Peppermint/bhops/Derek: 8

      Robby et al: nil
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    2. Derek17
      Bernard Sanders is a senile old coot. Who do you think can unite the left and actually win in 2020? I hear Hillary wants to run again, which could be seen as potential vengeance for feminism.
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    3. Oh my god. it's Robby!
      Oh my god. it's Robby!
      Hrc is not the left dude o_O
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    6. Derek17
      Well, I agree. She really only represents herself and her bosses. However, she is targeting, pandering to, and duping many progressives these days with relative success, and during the election, she moved quite far left in terms of her public policy in order to try to out-do Sanders.

      Then again, that's what progressive politics have become. She is the embodiment of them. Emotional warfare, big government, and basically the Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals playbook.

      And progressives really think they're enlightened? I've never seen more gullible people. Voting for Trudeau because of his hair and a shopping list of feel-good falsehoods and voting for Clinton because she's a woman and, like, she's actually really a nice person because that's what really matters after all—even though we all know she'd start wars left right and centre—is basically the only appeal I've heard. There's just no substance at all and what they offer is a pack of lies.

      That said, Hillary and John McCain are indeed indistinguishable, so I take your point. As for what the Democrat Party does going forward to mend itself, I really don't know. I don't even know who or what it represents anymore. The "resist" tactics have really failed. Their only platform is, in a very vulnerable and defensive manner, "oppose Trump." OK, but then what? Raise taxes? Foist massive corporate control and censorship on us? Disarm the populace while abolishing ICE and opening the borders to allow illegal weapons trafficking (and much more) so that only criminals have guns?

      The list goes on. One can criticize Trump in how he's gone about things, sure, and one can disagree with his policies, but as for the other side? What a total disaster.
    7. Anonymous
      30 years ago she would have been considered a moderate Republican. But now anyone to the left of Paul Ryan is considered a radical leftist by the alt-right. There is no such thing as a moderate democrat or moderate republican. Only radical leftists and Rino's
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    8. Anonymous
      Yes progressives are so easily led. Tell us again why Trump supporters voted for Trump? Was it because he promised to lock up Hillary? Or make cheaper better healthcare for all? Or build the wall and Mexico pays for it? Or that he would be tough on China? Or that he was for the common man? Or that he would drain the swamp? ....or the two most common reasons...I hate Hillary, or I hate Mexicans....or both
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    9. Oh my god. it's Robby!
      Oh my god. it's Robby!
      This may sound insane given my personal views but I’d way more prefer McCain to Hillary or Trump. Prolly the vet in me speaking, but I consider him to be a man of HONOR and a worthy adversary politically, just as scum has taken over the Democrats, people like him and Barry Goldwater before represented the Republican Party post Eisenhower that I’ve come to recognize as well, acceptable though distasteful in the extreme to me personally :straightface:
    10. bhops
      I note with interest the screams of ‘Bannon!’ ‘Alt Right!’ And so and so forth in response to Morrissey’s analysis of third wave feminism on this thread, yet I am actually yet to see anyone post a point by point rebuttal of what he actually said. What is it that Morrissey has said that you actually disagree with?

      I also note and have previously mentioned in this thread that many iconic second wave feminists, most notably Germaine Greer and Camille Paglia have also voiced reservations about third wave feminism. Are we to assume that they too are taking their lead from Steve Bannon and Brietbart?
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    11. Oh my god. it's Robby!
      Oh my god. it's Robby!
      Yeah, Moz hanging with Bannon? Still not seeing it :cool:
    12. bhops
      Just out of interest what did you make of those photos of John McCain making nice with those high ranking members of ISIS?
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    13. bhops
      Steve ‘3 shirts’ Bannon :lbf::lbf:
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    14. Oh my god. it's Robby!
      Oh my god. it's Robby!
      In keeping with his whole ends justify the means I suppose, I get that for guys like him the Middle East is their new South East Asia and well, he just wants to win, whatever that means, at all costs.
      Like I said, I’m against the whole war machine and I’d much prefer someone radicalized to the left by their military and war experience as I was.
      However, pretty fucking sick and tired with a bunch of cowards that never served using it not just in an evil manner but with total and utter incompetence.
    15. Derek17
      Yes. I'm pretty sure Charlie said as much explicitly above, or maybe that was in the immigration thread. Either way, a strong yes.
    16. Derek17
      "He's not a war hero."
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    17. Derek17
      Robby, John McCain's nickname is "Songbird" for a reason.

      When does a bird sing?
    18. Derek17
      He's delivering on all of his promises.
    19. Anonymous
      Despite the fact that you are ignoring him promising to deliver many things on day 1 and not doing so... Despite him hiring a bunch of wall street guys when he promised to drain the swamp...Despite the fact that he is =threatening to shut down the government unless the dems fund the wall when he promised Mexico would pay for it....despite the fact that he still hasnt released his tax returns when he said he would.....Despite the fact that he promised to work so hard he wouldnt have time to golf....despite the fact that he pomised to lock up think a universal healthcare that covers everybody that is cheaper is on the way?
      What an idiotic declaration.
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    20. Derek17
      You say all of this while either remaining ignorant to or ignoring what is going on behind the scenes. Any excuse to write more lies, I suppose. Why don't we revisit this in, say, November? We'll see if you've changed your tune at all, so to speak.

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