Morrissey: Covers and Critics - new article by Fiona Dodwell

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    Saw new positive article

    Morrissey: Covers and Critics - Tremr
    By Fiona Dodwell


    The predictable newspaper articles come forward whenever Morrissey does anything, usually from the same stale suspects, where there seems to be an agenda to direct people from the music and towards half-baked criticisms and tired quotes from the mouths that journalists seem desperate to find berating words from.

    Just recently, The Guardian have tried to undermine California Son before it has even had a chance to hit record shops and streaming sites: the journalists there were already standing with their pens and swords, ready to swoop in to attempt to make empty digs at the artist.

    However, it no longer matters, do they not see that? For the articles have been coming from the pens of bitter journalists towards Morrissey almost as long as he has been releasing music – it's evident from the behaviour of the media in general that they do not like anybody who does not fit into their docile box of acceptable opinions and behaviours. They will have a long wait, it seems, if they expect him to change.

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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Mar 3, 2019.

    1. Anonymous
      ...but that’s indefensible.

      The REAL crime is OVER-cooking them. No need. They’re already dead before they hit the grill. No need to kill them twice.
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    2. Anonymous
      No no. Absolutely NOT.

      We’re not ALL guilty.

      We don’t ALL live in a fucking bubble.

      We’re not ALL xenophobic pussies.

      We’re not all raised and educated by memes from the internet.

      We don’t all subscribe to tribalistic fuck-tardery,

      We don’t ALL feel the need to take our own issues out on others, rather than accepting responsibility for our own shit.

      ...and some of us - long ago - developed the ability to ascertain shit-talk and shitty music from everyday life. Not so much the folks around here though.

      It’s brutal, really. ...but as far as the guilty go, this site is a blessing.

      At least we know where to find you.
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    3. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      But then, why so defensive ?

    4. Anonymous
      One thing I can never understand with you kids...

      You’re basically couch-dwelling illiterates, yet you’re constantly reading emotion into the things that you ARE actually able to decipher.

      It’s definitely a socio/psychological phenom.
    5. Anonymous
      Is this an orange clown rally or a Morrissey show?
      Here’s how to tell the difference...

      A Trump rally is held in a stadium that holds 50,000 people and the attendees are retarded or paid.

      A Morrissey show is held in an arena that holds 2000 of EXACTLY the same kind of folks - but is half empty and surrounded by starving touts. ...and you couldn’t even fucking pay people to fill the seats if the survival of western civilization depended on it.
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    6. vegan cro spirit 222
      vegan cro spirit 222
      same kind of people you see at a:handpointright::guardsman::handpointleft:
      except theres about 50 people in a room.:bow:
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    7. bhops

      Hillary should start attending Trump rallies :lbf::lbf::lbf::lbf:

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    8. Anonymous
      Another common thread between Trump and Moorissey fan-kids. They’re both spend inane amounts of time obsessing about people who’s careers are over.
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    9. Anonymous

      COMPLETELY different kind of people.
    10. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun

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    11. snoddywilko
      And nothing YOU will ever say will change ANYTHING, yet you persist, & persist, & persist.

      You really are tiresome.
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    12. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      And some even obsess over Morrissey’s career that is just beginning again ! With a successful tour just around the corner! and due to selling out shows having to add more shows! California Son rocketing with preorder sales already ! We can only assume that he’s quite happy, as he should be.

      :thumb: :p :cool:
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    13. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
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    14. bhops
      Took me like 3 seconds to find that GIF dude. Took another 10 seconds to post it. 13 seconds tops and I moved on with my life, LOL
    15. Carlisle baz
      Carlisle baz
      Me to, but I think with age, moz health, I think he has stopped doing the smaller ones now and concentrated on larger venues so he doesn’t have to do as many, makes sense really.
    16. The Truth
      The Truth
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    17. gordyboy9
      too have to give young people something to do to get rid of anger and aggression,anybody whos a bit older will remember youth clubs in the seventies and eighties,they were great until they were shut because of cuts.
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    18. Lustman

      Yes Trump is charismatic,
      he's Also a fucker like Obama. But i think Trump sometimes really funny

      Obama is just another ''yes we can not" change the World, and we don't want it... So please vote for us !
    19. vegan cro spirit 222
      vegan cro spirit 222
      nothing but marginal white peeps at :handpointright::guardsman::handpointleft: 'shows'. "shows" lol.
      his videos have an assortment of walkabouts but
      the shows are standard white dorks.:dancers:

      just not that many of them.:lbf:

      and.. you can even get a complete set to furnish a Hooky show.:lbf:
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    20. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      That’s what guitars are for.
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