Morrissey: Covers and Critics - new article by Fiona Dodwell

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    Saw new positive article

    Morrissey: Covers and Critics - Tremr
    By Fiona Dodwell


    The predictable newspaper articles come forward whenever Morrissey does anything, usually from the same stale suspects, where there seems to be an agenda to direct people from the music and towards half-baked criticisms and tired quotes from the mouths that journalists seem desperate to find berating words from.

    Just recently, The Guardian have tried to undermine California Son before it has even had a chance to hit record shops and streaming sites: the journalists there were already standing with their pens and swords, ready to swoop in to attempt to make empty digs at the artist.

    However, it no longer matters, do they not see that? For the articles have been coming from the pens of bitter journalists towards Morrissey almost as long as he has been releasing music – it's evident from the behaviour of the media in general that they do not like anybody who does not fit into their docile box of acceptable opinions and behaviours. They will have a long wait, it seems, if they expect him to change.

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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Mar 3, 2019.

    1. Surface
      Agree, I went to the Victoria Theatre in Halifax back in 2006, it was brilliant
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    2. Anonymous
      ...and - as always - cue your typical cheap-seat deflection from one of the dwindling number of blind, deaf and dumb ball-washing clowns that remain in the Moorissey circus.

      Whatever will you few do when he kicks? Will you remain here, spouting rubbish? Will you stretch over his grave and turn to dust? Will you simply carry your apologist pap over to a new hero? Johnny Robinson, perhaps? Give it some thought. Won’t be long now.

      The career is over and the life-blood cant be far behind. You’ll need a plan, if you hope to carry on. Thoughts and prayers!
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    3. reelfountain
      I watched a Donald Trump speech earlier and noticed what a charismatic speaker he is. On any random day if you pick up a paper here in the UK there will always be a story attempting to belittle him, which has been the case since before he was even voted in.

      But I ignore the negative propaganda because I know well the groups that run newspapers. The same people who initiated and financed every war since the days of Napoleon, and continue to lobby for yet more bloodshed. In the Obama days all we ever heard about was the imminent World War 3 with North Korea so I'm sure those people are very pissed off now that Trump has changed all that. There's always Iran though; they've been lobbying for that one for years.

      Having a president like Trump who is anti-war is very new and very refreshing. The election of Trump in the US and the referendum for Brexit in the UK was the first time in history that the public ignored instruction from the press. Finally the people did the opposite of what the media urged them to do.

      We rebelled - finally, after so many years, we decided to make our own decisions. Because of this momentous change I feel quite proud to be living in the present day - a time when people are saying: You don't have our best interests at heart. So keep talking, keep the bullshit flowing, but we're not listening any more.
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    4. Anonymous
    5. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      fuck town halls too!

      Morrissey... here’s my home address.

    6. TonyMaroneythePony
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    7. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun

      :thumb::thumb::thumb: :cool:
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    8. reelfountain
      What people fail to realise is how hilariously tongue-in-cheek Morrissey often is.

      Of course Moz isn't going to say he likes the President of the USA - that wouldn't be his style. I know it's a tired excuse, but he has a very humorous way of looking at things so much of what he says really is taken out of context.
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    9. Anonymous
      I hope that Fiona has enough facial cleanser in her bathroom at home? To wipe all of that shit off of her nose.
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    10. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      YES a lot of what he says is taken out of context and twisted into clickbait so the media can make money.

      But, M has gone on record time after time about his hatred for Trump. Say all you want but there’s no way around that truth.
    11. reelfountain
      In that particular instance you may be correct... ahem.
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    12. Surface
      What are you on about, he’s often spoken about how he loves the Mexicans that come to his shows. Why would he have anything to do with Trump if he feels like that about the population Trump wants to stamp on and deport.
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    13. reelfountain
      I think he dislikes Trump mainly because he is in power - having said that, I don't think he dislikes him as much as many Moz fans think. Look at how he has recanted on the British Royals.

      Remember, Moz loves Israel as well as Mexico... so we're getting into complicated territory.
    14. reelfountain
      Here is Jodie Chesney, 17 years old and a Scout. On Friday evening she was socialising with her friends in a park in Harold Hill, East London when, in an unprovoked attack, a young stranger marched up to her and plunged a knife so hard into her back that it broke. She died.

      The main culprits for using knives in London (all areas) are young black males. They stab other black males in London daily for fun - and sometimes stab white males too. The police issued an appeal for witnesses, yet gave no description of the attacker whatsoever. Despite this, I knew, as did anyone else with a working brain that the culprit would turn out to be a young black male (even despite Harold Hill being a predominantly white area) ...

      And lo and behold, a full two days later (an hour ago), with rain and a near-hurricane blowing outside on the London streets (and with social cohesion and other PC directives in mind) the Met Police finally issued a description of the dangerous murderer who for almost 48 hours been roaming freely among us... and surprise surprise, it's a young black male.

      How did I and most other Londoners online already know this? Am I an evil prejudiced racist? Or do I simply notice patterns, time and time again? Have I throughout my life simply noticed that some cultures are more aggressive than others and, by and large, will never fit into a relatively peaceful culture such as Britain's?

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    15. Surface
      So, what would you do to sort this issue out?
    16. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      Sorry but you already posted this in the previous thread, I guess your looking for a bite.


      It’s your ‘relatively peaceful culture such as Britain’ that creates monsters like this.

      Shit happens it sucks.

      If people who have mental issues can’t turn to the state for proper help, then what can be done?

      If the state, community, institutions can’t be conscious enough to care to notice that someone has mental issues and needs help, then what can be done?

      Do you want more laws, more prisons,
      more cameras watching your every move, more police to watch every move you make and punish accordingly, does that really help?

      Where does one start ?
    17. reelfountain
      The Met police purposely did not give a description of the attackers, so an actual killer was left roaming London for two days... and is still out there right now.

      What would I do about that? I'd lock up for a very long time the person in power who ordered the instruction not to issue a description.

      Somebody else could be killed by this person... tonight, tomorrow, who knows. Directives of political correctness issued from on high have impeded the catching of a dangerous cold-blooded murderer.

      I find that outrageous. And it makes me and many other people angry.
    18. reelfountain
      In London there's a pattern here... nothing to do with mental issues but race.

      Every street stabbing or shooting in London is perpetrated by a young black male.

      This time, as the victim is a white teenage girl with no gang connections, the police withheld a description of the suspect for two days, leaving the public in danger of a killer who is still out there. Why? Because of PC reasons. I find that even more shocking than the murder itself - of which yes, shit happens regularly, especially where I live.

      But when Political Correctness becomes more important than the safety of the public, serious questions and debates about race and enforced multiculturalism need to take place.
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    19. Morrissey_Sucks
      Anyone who attempts to defend Morrissey’s statements and beliefs is an imbecile. It’s like trying to reason with Trump supporters.
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    20. Anonymous
      Otto Warmbier has to travel all the way to North Korea to come back brain dead.

      Please tell us how you managed the same feat without ever leaving the comfort of your mom’s basement.

      ...fucking clown.
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