Morrissey Central Morrissey cover star & influence Terry Venables dies (November 26, 2023)


Link posted by Marsadjusted:

Morrissey Central: TERRY VENABLES, RIP (November 26, 2023)




"Tuesday August 8th 1995 is the launch of Southpaw Grammar at Terry Venables’ club Scribes West on Kensington High Street. I prepare to leave but then quickly turn back. I just can’t face it – there is too much clattering about inside my head."

(What a mess!)

RIP El Tel. :(
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I seem to remember a tiny interview snippet at the time of release, where Venables said something like he was honoured to be on the cover, but had no idea why he was on the sleeve.
what a great photo on Moz central.
sounds like he had battled with illness for some time, so best to remember him in youth and health. RIP El Tel.
This is from the Jonathan Ross show that Terry was on - they showed a clip of him singing on the Russell Harty show from 1974 - Morrissey applauds at the end.


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