Morrissey confirmed for Hop Farm Festival 2011 (Saturday, July 2)

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By not_me_not_I on Mar 4, 2011 at 9:10 AM
  1. not_me_not_I

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    1. Steven Mallarme
      Steven Mallarme
      Just got my tickets, very excited. It's a shame people come on this site just to be negative about Morrissey. Even if he did pull out, the line up is still pretty special.
    2. Caitlin
      BROUGHT MY TICKETS! So excited - if he doesn't turn up though i'm going to be so heartbroken!
    3. CrystalGeezer
      One pissed chinaman with good aim is all it takes to end the world as we know it. Security has to stand in the same sun all day checking people. They get tired. Mistakes happen.
    4. celibate
      they have thought about that possibility and for you 27 and 29,
      Johnny Logan will do a gig if Morrissey cancels

      mail me if it's OK, maybe sir Paul can attend, but he's rather busy for
      a next wedding, so if both no good, The Mission will do a spectacular light show
      and all the hits from the 80.


      no 28 never late

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    5. Anonymous
      HAHAHAHA!! just noticed that the festival poster states "No Sponsorship, No Branding" yet at the bottom of it what do we have? Ads for Facebook, Twitter, See Tickets, HMV.........??
    6. Anonymous
      Antichrist united.
    7. Anonymous
      lol So I am not the only one who thought this. :D
    8. Anonymous
      First class gathering of obsolete sad old mutton who should have gone to slaughter long ago. Sad they themselves can't see it.
    9. Anonymous
      Sweating ugly industry fame money fucking slags.
    10. Anonymous
      he's never done a one-off show.
      don't book tickets if it means travelling hundreds of miles. he'll either add more (e.g. a European festival tour) or he'll pull out. either way, this won't be his only show - mark my words (as they say)
    11. Billy_Furious
    12. Mickrock
      Damn it's good to be Canadian and be in the UK that weekend, and have a ticket, and a car (only a two hour drive from Sussex!)
    13. Mr.Toad
      I'm travelling from Canada (It's great being Canadian... except when Brits think we're American) :)
      Drop the extra £2 pounds for the cancellation fee. It may be worth it if the Moz isn't well...
    14. Brel
      I read the all important "Terms & Conditions" for the cancellation insurance. From what I recall, the only time it comes into play is if I die before the gig. Then I'm quids in!

      And, yes. Unfortunately for you, everone in the UK will assume that you are American. An old Canadian friend of my wife used to get driven mad by it, much to her disgust.
    15. Mr.Toad
      Yes, was in UK in 2008, and sometimes it was brutal.
      I think the worst was when I went into a sweets shop and the lady gave a cheerful 'Hello!, I replied back and her face dropped like a stone. Makes me want to wear an 'I'm not a Fucking American' T-shirt.

      As for the cancellation insurance, I can fake 'death' quite handily. Do it at work all the time.
    16. Anonymous
      best. line-up. evuuurr!!!
    17. Son Of A Gun
      Son Of A Gun
      Whomever made the Mexican comment is a complete idiot racist.

      Ps. Long Live Morrissey.

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