Morrissey confirmed for Hop Farm Festival 2011 (Saturday, July 2)

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By not_me_not_I on Mar 4, 2011 at 9:10 AM
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    1. Georgissey
      I'm right there with you. It's a bit too much money to roll the dice on this show.
      Insane line up though.
    2. No. 27
      No. 27
      LOU REED

      What a pitiful collection of has-beens & also-rans. The only one of these people not ready to draw his pension is a privileged white boy with dreadlocks. Edgy.

      I dunno why they didn't go the whole hog and include Cliff Richard. Perhaps he's on standby for when Morrissey cancels. Will deckchairs & rugs be provided, or do we bring our own?

      No. 27
    3. Anonymous
      Um, Isle of Wight anyone?

      This is just like that.

      He wont show probably, unfortunately.
    4. Anonymous
      Isle of Wight anyone? He didnt show to that and wont show to this.

      DO NOT was your money on plane tix etc, he is just going to say at last minute that he didn't confirm, etc.

      He wont be there unfortunately.
    5. Anonymous
      You're not a real hamster.

      You're someone who I think, on balance, I hate more than anyone who's ever lived. And you're worse than Skeletor.
    6. Oh my god. it's Robby!
      Oh my god. it's Robby!
      I saw that Bryan Ferry is playing on Friday. :lbf:
    7. Anonymous
      This is huge! Why isnt there more excitement? I'm sure he'll show up, it's all official nowt isn't it...
    8. devout
      "the promoter reserves the right change the line up without having to give a refund"

      Think i'll wait......£212 down the shitter otherwise.:cool:
    9. libertine99
      hi, anyone knows whats the best way to go down there? maybe by train?
      only found a train to leigh, which appearently is 11 miles from tonbridge...

      thanks, flo
    10. libertine99
      hi, anyone knows, whats the best way to go down there from london? train maybe?
      only found a train to leigh which appearently is 11 miles from tonbridge...

      thanks, flo
    11. sprite
      Wow, you are super hip and awesome, buddy. Why can't we all be just like you?
    12. Anonymous
      Check out this website, they're running a coach from London to the festival site and back again, looks like it's only about 20 quid on top of the ticket price. :)
    13. goinghome
    14. MarioTheMexMozFan
      Oh my lord! this means that we have to start saving up for he is coming back and we (LA) will see him in Oct-Nov-Dec 2011, we will be there, again and again..gracias a Dios.
    15. goinghome
      goinghome has some extra news just posted on this:

      - Morrissey to headline at Hop Farm Music Festival; Damien Dempsey looks likely to be added; Morrissey now managed by Ron Laffitte
      4 March 2011

      Morrissey will be headlining at the Hop Farm Music Festival in Paddock Wood, Kent, on Saturday, 2 July 2011.

      Damien Dempsey looks likely to be added to the bill.

      Morrissey is now managed by Ron Laffitte, who is based in Los Angeles. -
    16. Anonymous
      Fuck me watch out for the plastic cups sorry but get fucked
    17. bluemozz
      Just booked my tickets.He will show for this. None-corporate/line-up (which I am sure he would have had an input with - apart from Bryan Ferry - the hunter!!!) Ferry is on the Friday though, so fingers crossed. I last posted after the Liverpool debacle and I stick by him - he will make a triumphant return with a great line-up.
    18. MozVegan9
      Things like these make me feel that same sentiment... *sigh
    19. hand in glove
      hand in glove
      Oh my...I feel such happiness that he's under new management, is preparing for this show, and the possibility of more shows...well, I'm hoping for a tour, anyway. I can't travel to England for this, but if I could I would without a second thought! I have faith he'll be there. This is so exciting - especially for all who get to attend :)

      I don't hate being an American; I hate lacking funds for huge trips like this one. :straightface:
    20. Anonymous
      Can't wait for this, mozzers return! buzzing i am.

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