Morrissey confirmed for Hop Farm Festival 2011 (Saturday, July 2)

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By not_me_not_I on Mar 4, 2011 at 9:10 AM
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    Jul 17, 2010
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    1. Anonymous
      It has to be said, that line-up is pretty amazing.
    2. Anonymous
      great lineup. so where the hell is it gonna be at?
    3. Anonymous
      If he turns up I'll be amazed - smacks of another "I was never confirmed" appearance.
    4. Anonymous
      Is anyone else having trouble with See Tickets? I've been 'waiting in a queue' for over an hour.
    5. Anonymous
      Surrounded by 'friends' also on the bill, this is a great way to make a return to touring again (if this is the first?). Regardless, fans of the other acts will also want to see Morrissey, so he has a win, win situation, should be a great day all round for everyone concerned.
      Hope this happens.
    6. Anonymous
      If you can get See Tickets to work you can buy tickets through
    7. Anonymous
      I mean't 'can't get', obviously!
    8. FatGayVegan
      I purchased mine through and my bill for one ticket was £81.25... even if he doesn't show, that is still a phenomenal line-up. I am extremely pleased with myself.
    9. Anonymous
      DAMMIT. I hate being American.
    10. Wobble
      The music on the festival's main page and everything is so creepy in a way, I can't understand how they got all those magificent artists to show up.
    11. Richard Hammond
      Richard Hammond
      Yep, almost as bad as being Mexican
    12. Jeremy Clarkson
      Jeremy Clarkson
      Enough of that Hamster - you got us into enough trouble last time!
    13. Anonymous
      then go fuck yourself
    14. Anonymous
      then go fuck yourself and move to Libya. Fucking punk
    15. 21punksalute
      He will be the first of the gang to cancel
    16. celibate
      I hope he's gonna do more festivals, there's space oxygen and sit on the graas
      or in the mud

      this is a totally suprise, didn't expect Morrissey to do a gig or tour, when
      not aproving the april release ' very best of' and ' glamourous glue cd single
      with 2 tracks done when he signed to EMI [and resprise/parlophone]

      got the feeling, they offered him this and choose a few of his favourite artist
      or likable, it not by chance Iggy and Patti are on the same evening planned

      well no chance for tickets it will be sell madness as usual, so hope
      he does some more

      did I say yeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

      [so maybe a late fall , early winter new album, the gig will give us
      more clues if he plays some new songs]

      aftery esterdays The Smiths please please please release , songs from
      The Smiths by other bands the most enjoying newsitem till today
      and it's on;ly march the 4th:thumb:
    17. Anonymous
      the music on that website is shocking! I had to leave; sadly, before I was able to establish where the festival is!

      They need a better website. Anyone know the location?

      The line-up looks superb. Lou Reed, Morrissey are two of my favourite artists; and I like Patti Smith, the Bluetones and the Stooges.
    18. not_me_not_I
      There's a little button in the upper right where you can turn off the music. It is dreadful.
    19. devout
      It's only down the road for me in Kent. Wanna take the missus and the kids but the price looks too heavy. Genuinely cracking line up.:thumb:

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