Morrissey concert shirt London Astoria 1990s

a grave man

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For sale to caring, deserving individual.

The green lame shirt worn by Morrissey at concert London Astoria 1991 or 1992.

The shirt is complete, less a button or too.
This is the shirt thrown to crowd at end if main set, not the blue shirt thrown to R from Ireland during the encore.

Previous owner of the shirt knew the true value and emotions attached to it, and would want it listed here first rather than to vultures on eBay.


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A none E mouse

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Can someone dig out eBay footage of the said concert, it is one swanky looking shirt, 91-92 morrissey at his ultimate best, what an item to own. I start the bidding at 1 million dollars!!!!


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After doing some online research, I've concluded the date of the concert described above was 12/20/92. There was a CD released from said concert called "Happy Xmas". The cover of the CD seems to support the fact that the shirt really came from this concert, since Morrissey is wearing what looks to be, at the very least, a lamé shirt on it. Here's the link to a picture of the cover:
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