Morrissey concert on November 5th in Hanover will (hopefully) take place


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Asking them, I just received an answering e-mail form the “Capitol” venue. It says (badly translated by me):

Dear Andreas,
due to an illness the last 3 shows in France and Switzerland had to be cancelled.
But the crew is now already in Hanover, preparing tomorrow’s show.
So right now there is no concern that the show will not take place. Momentarily everything in Hanover is proceeding according to plan.
Best Wishes

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Good news. Fingers crossed.


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I've also e-mailed the venue and just recieved the following answer:

Hallo Emil,

das Konzert findet planmäßig statt!

Translation: The gig will take place just as planned.

So it would seem that Morrissey is back on the road again. So hopefully I will get to see him this weekend and on Tuesday as well.


sweet. have fun everyone and let us know though im sure you will


Morrissey + band (well, all except one) are in the venue now, so it looks like it's going ahead. :)

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Great! Looking forward to the Essen gig :)
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