Morrissey collection for sale


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Hope this is ok to post here:
Please check out and like my facebook page “Morrissey Collection For Sale”
After 35 + years of collecting The Smiths and Morrissey items, I have decided to sell off my complete Morrissey collection. Items include ALL 7” records, 12” records, LPs, Test Pressings, cd's, cassettes, dvd's, VHS tapes, Bootlegs, ticket stubs, autographs, fanzines, promotional items, magazines, clippings, stickers, postcards, tour items and much more.
I will be posting items here weekly so if anyone has any interest in items listed for sale please contact me here, by e-mail ([email protected]) or PM.
Please note I am NOT selling any of my Smiths collection.
I have enjoyed collecting all these items and hope they will fall into the hands of other rabid fans/collectors just like me!
I am still the same fan I was back in 1984… Just a lot older now. This money will be used for a full kitchen renovation for my wife, and I hope to add a few more Smiths items to my collection as well. You could say Morrissey will be paying for my new kitchen!
Thank You Morrissey and to all that helped out so far.
Lots more to come…
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Hi there,

I’d be really interested in buying any live Morrissey tapes you might have from 1991/92.


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