Morrissey Christmas Album

1. Well I Wonder What I`ll Get for Christmas
2.Julie in The Christmas Trees

Sorry I can`t stop lol :p
Tony The Reindeer
Now My Stocking is Full
Christmas Night Has Opened My Eyes
Last Night I Dreamt That Santa Loved Me
Half a Present
Christmas Tree on Fire
Hate These Gloves
Elves Matter
(My Uncle Is an) Interesting Drunk
All The Lazy Elves
I Keep My Naughy List Hidden
Vicar with a Fruitcake
Rebel Santa Claus
Gift is a Four Letter Word
Tony the Reindeer
Girlfriend Had Too Many Mimosas
When Last I Sang a Carol
We Hate it When Our Friends Get Drunk and Wrestle

Shit, beat me.
I’m going for a couple off California Son, what about:

Jingle Bells Blues

this next one, stretching it quite a bit and maybe it was just my family but….

Only a prawn in their starter.
Because Of My Poor Eggnog
1. Sleigh Racer
2. Sleigh Bell Blues
3.Ordinary Elves
4. The Elf Least Likely To
5. Dear Santa, Please Help Me
You Must Please Remember My Presents
Christian Dior (I Want Some)
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