Morrissey Christmas Album


Morrissey Lover
1. Well I Wonder What I`ll Get for Christmas
2.Julie in The Christmas Trees

Sorry I can`t stop lol :p


Tempus Fugit
Now My Stocking is Full
Christmas Night Has Opened My Eyes
Last Night I Dreamt That Santa Loved Me
Half a Present
Christmas Tree on Fire
Hate These Gloves
Elves Matter
(My Uncle Is an) Interesting Drunk
All The Lazy Elves
I Keep My Naughy List Hidden
Vicar with a Fruitcake
Rebel Santa Claus
Gift is a Four Letter Word
Tony the Reindeer
Girlfriend Had Too Many Mimosas
When Last I Sang a Carol
We Hate it When Our Friends Get Drunk and Wrestle

Shit, beat me.


Perfectly Satisfied


Please wait..............
I’m going for a couple off California Son, what about:

Jingle Bells Blues

this next one, stretching it quite a bit and maybe it was just my family but….

Only a prawn in their starter.


Morrissey Lover
1. Sleigh Racer
2. Sleigh Bell Blues
3.Ordinary Elves
4. The Elf Least Likely To
5. Dear Santa, Please Help Me
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