Morrissey Christmas Album


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It's the last thing he would ever do, of course, but I'd love to hear Morrissey singing a Christmas album.

Maybe with some of these songs on it?

Everyday Is Like Boxing Day
It Will Never Look a Lot Like Christmas
The Elves Are Afraid of the Father
I’m Throwing My Arms Around Santa
All I Want for Christmas Is Me
It’s Not Your Christmas Anymore
(I Wish You) Lonely This Christmas
It’s the Most Miserable Time of the Year
Driving Your Girlfriend Home for Christmas
Mistletoe and Whine
First of the Elves to Die
I’ve Changed My Tree to Plastic
December Spawned a Monster
Santa Rejected My Letter

(I'm sure we can come up with some better ones than that...)


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Santa, I Don't Mind If You Forget Me

Never-played Christmas carols

Presents without applause

Was I ever any good

Labour to my death.
1. Hold on to your crackers

2. We hate it when Boxing Day
Becomes successful.

3. The more you ignore Christmas
The closer it gets.

4. The reindeer with a Thorne in his
5. Gift vouchers changes everything


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1. Bobby, Don`t You Think They Know it`s Christmas?
2.Unhappy Christmas
3. Let Me Kiss You Under the Mistletoe
4. I Don`t Owe You Any Christmas Presents
5. I Won`t Share My Christmas Cookies
6. I Have Forgiven Santa
7. O Lonely Night
Sorry about that,:p:p It`s early in the morning here.
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Rein-dear god, please help me


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Saint Nicholas Drops Dead
Santa sleeping, elf drowning
Santa On The Guillotine
Santa Is My Middle Name
Get Off The Sleigh
I Don't Mind If This Elf Kills Me
Life Is A Mince Pie
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