Morrissey Central: "You Have Been Warned" (October 22, 2019)


Surely that isn’t Albert finney?? I thought it was me ten years back... roll on hollyoaks, ahem Hollywood, don’t think moz has had a bad gig there ever... love and complete jealousy to all the ticket holders. I hope you all have one ell of a special night... let the love and admiration continue
A nice, original photo that has been molested. Another poorly executed attempt at 'art' by SER - the nepotistic nephew. Give it up son, you've no talent for it. He can't even crop a photo!

It's also a little tasteless given that, in his life time, Mr Finney refused Morrissey permission to use his image.
We stand duly warned Morrissey. Now would you kindly sing, "Redondo Beach, to show you luffs us ? Luffs ya back. Chelsea girl in the S.D.

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