MORRISSEY CENTRAL- World Love is All of Our Business


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Sometimes I superimpose my head on Jason Momoa's body. Just sayin'.

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I totally agree.


If photoshop is what’s stopping Tommy Morrissey from making another album, then I love it.
He's got another album, you great nit. It's out in January, twat.
Instead of loafing in a pool hoping that the water will drain out, hows about getting out, yeah? The rest of us are trying to have a swim.
You're not done with Morrissey. You're like a spurned lover. GET OVER IT AND GO.


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I'm confused by this cryptic message. Is it a response to the Tommy Robinson supporter wearing the World Peace Is Non Of Your Business T-shirt?
I suspect there is no cryptic message. It's just Sam doodling to please Uncle Paycheck, and throwing in a nonsensical headline which he hopes sounds intelligent.
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This is, and I don't say it lightly, beautiful. I know it's an amateur video but it seems to capture all that Morrissey was once about. LHIS was the last album I bought and the last I have heard. I've left the fold. ATYPMFIL was a song I thought, if mixed better, would be a stunning single - although I like this version - I just didn't think it a single version. I'm off to watch the video again.

betto betto

morrissey was named singer of smiths in 1980's. in 1990's from 2010's morrissey made double number albums the smiths made. is not hard to figure difference.


100% narcissistic opportunist. Vile.

If you take time to watch the video you'll see that the young man is so expressive in his body language that he is evidently someone who is a fan of the song and knows it intimately.

If your suggestion is that the young man is doing this to gain some exposure, you could be right, but then why shouldn't he? To me they guy is just enjoying himself and in the process has made a good video. How is that vile?

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