Morrissey Central: "Video" (October 2, 2019)

A forlorn "video" to garner him some sympathy. I don't buy it, he has made a career from being the forlorn Morrissey. Now there is a far right badge attached to what he is. Suck it up.Those critics and protests won't go away, folks see you in a whole other light.
It's a video from a film about a sex addict with a big willie, who feel self pity and disgust and an underlying shame at his inability to communicate except through sex..
The main character would not garner much sympathy from his sociopathic behaviour and uncomfortably inappropriate relationship with his sister.
A bit too lower chakra for me
Nothing to appeal to the Spirit or the Heart.
A funny choice for a really good song.
Morrissey! Don't poison our culture. Take your ass back to Ireland! :rolleyes:
Our Mr lifesaver was born in Manchester.. Which for your somewhat needed education is a city in England.. North to be precise.. How do i know I hear you whisper??? Because I have a brain and I use it.. Ta ra a bit..

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