Morrissey Central: "The Guardian Strikes again... and again..." (November 24, 2019)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Famous when dead, Nov 25, 2019.

By Famous when dead on Nov 25, 2019 at 6:27 AM
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    November 24, 2019

    Central posts a caption and URL which links to the following story:


    Far-Left Guardian, Julia Wong Deliberately Omit Key Facts in Piece Smearing Breitbart

    The person cited tweeted on October 27 about Morrissey:

    (In direct response to that shirt as also highlighted by The Guardian).

    Update (courtesy of @Radis Noir):


Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Famous when dead, Nov 25, 2019.

    1. Anonymous
      Are we talking about Guardian or Breibart readers? Seems to me they are both as blinkered and politically narrow-minded as each other. Anyone not in line with The Guardian is automatically branded a racist enemy and targetted for deplatforming and cancellation. Personally, I wouldn't trust either side right now, as both extreme left and right wing come across as narrow-minded bigots.
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    2. Anonymous
      Breitbart??? When you thought he cannot go any lower ...
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    3. Anonymous
      Don’t know anything about Julia Wong, but what about Winnie Wong?
    4. Anonymous
      the whole time BMG is silently trying to persuade journalists that that he is not a racist

      but look he is reading Breitbart in between shows. Oh dear
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    5. Anonymous
      The post by Morrissey on his own website is another clear sign of desperation and bitterness. It's a further sign of a sad decline of a once regarded human being and artist. He really has pinned his alt-right views to the Brietbart mast in the most public of ways.
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    6. Radis Noir
      Radis Noir
      Julia's not bothered:
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    7. Pippistrella
      The growth of the online far right is the only subversive thing about social media, therefore the only interesting thing. Other than that it's no different to watching Big Brother or Love Island. And the left are scared because the far right works remarkably well on social media, getting its message across so more effectively than the left could ever dream of doing. Hence lots of current elite talk of how Twitter and Facebook are toxic and should be avoided for the sake of your mental health. Hilarious.

      Morrissey is correct in getting his own back on the Guardian, a group that clearly hates him. And it's humorous to watch. These people do not represent the public, only a very small and deranged slice of it. Morrissey always wins these battles because the majority of the sane ordinary public agree with him. The liberal left have lost the plot .
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    8. Anonymous
      Its always the mixed race female"young professionals" on twitter who hate their "white" side.
      Why is that?
      In most cases, its because their DADDY was white.
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    9. Pippistrella
      Giving birth to a mixed race child simply means inflicting identity problems on that person for the rest of their days. Add educational conditioning and the self love/hate of narcissism and the brew gets toxic indeed. Enter jealousy for and hatred of the white man. In short, racism.

      There's no racist like a mixed racist.
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    10. Anonymous
      Here's a writer for Rolling Stone and Pitchfork. Again, if you are a journalist you can be racist as you want towards white people and ONLY white people.
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    11. Pippistrella
      Racism against whitey is currently actively encouraged and celebrated.

      That's why the whole concept of 'racism' is a con.

      It would be better off renamed for what it really is irl: jealousy and hatred - usually directed at whites who are a global minority.
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    12. Anonymous
      Well said, honky. :thumb:
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    13. Anonymous
      The absolute truth right there, in a nutshell.
    14. Pippistrella
      What an ugly looking skunk. Her jealousy is justified!
    15. Anonymous
      Thank you Morrissey for admitting that Breitbart is the main defender of free speech and real news as opposed to fake news.

      What a great day to wake up to this news as the collapse of Sweden came closer today as hospitals sack staff and hospital union spokesperson gives this message to the people of Sweden:

      "Don't get sick".

      Morrissey was right all along and immigration and globalism does not work.

      Bengali in platforms!
    16. Anonymous
      It's because they're not fully white, so they get 5hit from both sides really; they have no real identity so flock to twatter to complain & whinge. They blame & hate both their parents for their dilemma.
      Simple enough if you give it a couple of seconds think time.
    17. Eldritch
      Thank you for your considered reply. I am familiar with that Franzen's essay and have read Gaddis's J R, not The Recognitions however. I meant "a fiction editor" -- like Michael Pietsch was to David Foster Wallace and Max Perkins was to F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway. A good editor is someone who is sympathetic to author's goals but challenges him/her on the choices made in the manuscript. I have read a lot of "difficult fiction" so I am not a stranger to avant-garde, but I find that much of Morrissey's novel's obtuseness is not intentional but is due to the lack of criticism, both internal and outernal. If you think that List of the Lost is just dandy and that is an opinion truly based on the text and not on the idea that Morrissey is infallible, then okay. It's not an opinion that is shared by many, which of course doesn't automatically mean that you're wrong.
    18. Anonymous
      Breitbart lovers of the world unite and take over.
    19. ACTON
      A bit slow on the rebuttal isn't she?
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    20. ACTON
      That's a risky gamble. If he's a twat you're a dick. If he's a dick you're a twat. I don't like those odds.
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