Morrissey Central: "The Guardian of Hate" (October 10, 2019)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Famous when dead, Oct 11, 2019.

By Famous when dead on Oct 11, 2019 at 1:18 AM
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    October 10, 2019

    "I am sorry that you are forced to tolerate the views of The Guardian Of Hate, and I am sorry that I cannot retaliate, but - I am nothing, and I have no human rights.
    The person described by The Guardian Of Hate is not me, and their stance attributed to me is not mine. But, pleased be warned: they are having great fun and they will not STOP.

    I am surprised that IPSO regulations allow the Sinn Fein "ourselves alone" tactics of The Guardian Of Hate to continue, and whereas it is my view that everyone is entitled to their opinion, I did not believe - until now - that UK law permits public actions in public spaces that call for a British citizen to be killed, or even discriminated against.
    It is true that I do not support the Monster Raving Labour Party, and nor could I possibly ever approve of Halal (being of sound mind), but if the definition of a racist or fascist is someone who will not allow others to have an opinion, then The Guardian Of Hate are exactly whom they claim to disapprove of.

    Finally, if The Guardian Of Hate decide that you are their quarry, I wish you more media support than I have so far received."

    10 October 2019.

    The Guardian's most recent article regarding Morrissey was on Oct. 2:

    Morrissey ejects anti-far-right protester from Portland concert

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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Famous when dead, Oct 11, 2019.

    1. Anonymous
      That's not much of a counter argument Skinny.
      Look into your heart and find the words.
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    2. Hovis Lesley
      Hovis Lesley
      There are indeed other explanations, and more compelling ones I think. But they wouldn’t be ‘prosaic’. They would be profound.
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    3. Anonymous
      The art of IDIOCY; nothing more, nothing less.
    4. Mozmar
      For once, a semi-interesting article in The Guardian (of Hate).
      Problems in UK universities, racism, freedom of speech...right up Skinny's alley so to speak...
      Guess what though? Moz wasn't even mentioned which is strange for this rag...I would have thought they might have offered a tenuous link at least to our Moz.
      Missed opportunity; maybe Skinny, complete with twisted mind, can fill in the gaps & link it to our hero.

      This is probably a truer reflection of where society is in the UK (amongst the woke, snowflake, twitter/facebook programmed, unintelligent, youth), rather than the shite the Guardian, or Skinny normally spew out. Useful insight.

      Key points:
      • Free speech is under assault it seems, with students no-platforming guest speakers because they hurt their feelings.
      • Students are vandalising curriculums, forcing their teachers to replace white authors with those of colour
      • calling for safe spaces to be set up to exclude others for no reason other than their racial background or sexuality
      • can’t even clap at events any more because student unions think it’s overwhelming for those with PTSD
      • In 2018, it was reported that the number of racist incidents in universities across the UK had surged by more than 60% in the two years preceding
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    5. reelfountain
      Real Marxists, those who really understand Marx, know that engineered mass immigration is a bad thing as it is all about exploitation.

      The 'free movement of labour' to wherever the most work happens to be undermines the workers already living there by creating competition, which means lower wages and less availability of work due to the labour pool now being larger. But this is what the bosses and the bankers love. They know newcomers create a 'fresher', 'naive' and 'more grateful' workforce prepared to work harder for less pay. And they know this wave will eventually be replaced by the next wave, and on and on it goes, the running train of free trade and free movement putting more money into the coffers of the rich at the expense of the poor.

      And that's not to mention the competition that this creates in other areas like services, housing, hospitals, schools, etc. The people who suffer most from free movement (mass immigration) is always the working class.

      But because the working class have nobody to speak up for them, and the media is run by the middle class and the establishment, their concerns go unheard. So it is easy to write them off as bigoted, ignorant, racist etc as they have no voice. Which is how the bosses like it.

      In other words, mass immigration exploits poor newcomers and undermines the native working class, both being the very people Karl Marx spent his whole life championing. Think about that for a minute.

      Marx said 'workers of the world unite' so the liberal-left interpret this to fit their narrative of diversity, different cultures living together in a happy-clappy utopian dreamworld. But because of the very difference of cultures, this world is never going to exist. Not unless different cultures are killed off and washed into one - which, as it happens, is one of the dreams of the dangerous EU. Ultimately, 'diversity' and 'multiculturalism' create their actual opposite.

      The liberal-left espouse migrants and mass immigration based on benevolent or humanitarian concerns. The capitalist right because it makes them richer. Both join in a chorus of race accusations (Racist! Fascist!) whenever the working class have any complaints. This is weaponized manipulation and blackmail because 'being racist' has been drummed into us for years through the media etc (which feeds into real life) as being almost as evil and unacceptable as paedophilia.

      This is very convenient for the economic class who are in league with their brainwashed liberal-leftist cousins who do all the 'racial policing' and 'diversity promotion' for them. Just look at how passionate people like Owen Jones etc. are about 'diversity' and 'anti-racism' without realizing their efforts are actually doing the capitalists a great ongoing service - and for free.

      Recently the left-wing academic Angela Nagle wrote an article drawing attention to the fact that - yes - Marx actually wrote about this subject (if interested you can google it). Of course most of the left collectively shrieked in disgust at her piece, but it's simply a fact that if Marx were alive today he'd vilify the liberal left as 'little authoritarians' doing all the noisy exploitative groundwork for the silently amused capitalist bosses.
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    6. Anonymous
      Look out there's racists about. Some of them have even taken to writing failed dissertations in attempts to faux-authenticate their hatred. All rather silly ... but they do seem to have a good deal of time on their idle hands.
      That's racists for you!
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    7. Anonymous
      Said the racist with a cheeky smile.
    8. Stephen Hofmann
      Stephen Hofmann
      That's not a debate. That's name-calling and it's lazy.
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    9. PuppetParrot
      Skinny you've outdone yourself posting drivel today.
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    10. PuppetParrot
      Skinny, Moz has proved you wrong once again.
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    11. Anonymous
      It's hilarious that so many seem to think Skinny is the only person in the world to object to racism. He does bang his drum loudly, and rightly, so but he is not alone.

      I'm amused to read that the racists attempt to rebrand themselves as intellectuals. Ludicrous.
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    12. Anonymous
      "The Guardian of Hate"? As opposed to Moz being "The Guardian of Reason"? That's a bit rich, coming from him.
    13. vegan cro spirit 444
      vegan cro spirit 444
      the essence of idiocy.:lbf:
    14. Anonymous
      There have never been any intellectuals among the left. They are far too closed minded to be able to be that. The far right have always had great thinkers and intellectuals and they were always proved right as communism and socialism failed in country after country around the planet.
      The right have values whereas the left just wanna create chaos and destruction and that is their only legacy. In many ways Skinny is alone.
    15. Anonymous
      The right do have values. Those values focus on the best possible ways to exploit those of lower social status as fodder.

      Skinny is far from alone in his humanitarian views or his fight against racists - sorry, 'right-wing intellectuals'.
    16. reelfountain
      Skinny and his ilk think they are the glorious black saviors. They want to swoop down from the skies in their capes to protect all the poor helpless blacks from the racism of the evil whites.

      But what makes him think they are so weak that they need his protection? I sense the tones of a colonial notion to this. The poor helpless natives that need the help and instruction from the mighty white man.

      Hasn't he ever thought that perhaps blacks and Muslims can look after themselves, and don't need the help of nerdy white liberals?

      malcolm x.png
      Last edited: Oct 14, 2019
    17. Anonymous
      If you call that values then fine but I call it something else.

      He is alone in being such an infantile man for his age and if that is what education gives you then many are better off without it.
    18. Anonymous
      Good post. The 'protection' is both patronising & racist in itself, imho.
      Maybe we should call this being 'patronisist'?

      WC: 'You're black/Asian, you need my help' bcos you're being victimised, disrespected, discriminated against'
      B/A: 'Really? Fuck off white boy, wanting to be one of us, we can deal with it without your white shield'.

      Blacks/Asians don't need white crusaders, especially those white crusaders who are, seemingly, uncomfortable in their own skin. It's all just fake loony liberal nonsense that provides a 'purpose' to the lives of some people who have nothing better to do.
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    19. PuppetParrot
      In this forum its you Skinny and Skinny and more Skinny.
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    20. Anonymous
      Has anyone seen an intellectual? You'll know one when you see one by their laughable self-aggrandisement.

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