Morrissey Central: "The Guardian of Hate" (October 10, 2019)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Famous when dead, Oct 11, 2019.

By Famous when dead on Oct 11, 2019 at 1:18 AM
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    October 10, 2019

    "I am sorry that you are forced to tolerate the views of The Guardian Of Hate, and I am sorry that I cannot retaliate, but - I am nothing, and I have no human rights.
    The person described by The Guardian Of Hate is not me, and their stance attributed to me is not mine. But, pleased be warned: they are having great fun and they will not STOP.

    I am surprised that IPSO regulations allow the Sinn Fein "ourselves alone" tactics of The Guardian Of Hate to continue, and whereas it is my view that everyone is entitled to their opinion, I did not believe - until now - that UK law permits public actions in public spaces that call for a British citizen to be killed, or even discriminated against.
    It is true that I do not support the Monster Raving Labour Party, and nor could I possibly ever approve of Halal (being of sound mind), but if the definition of a racist or fascist is someone who will not allow others to have an opinion, then The Guardian Of Hate are exactly whom they claim to disapprove of.

    Finally, if The Guardian Of Hate decide that you are their quarry, I wish you more media support than I have so far received."

    10 October 2019.

    The Guardian's most recent article regarding Morrissey was on Oct. 2:

    Morrissey ejects anti-far-right protester from Portland concert

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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Famous when dead, Oct 11, 2019.

    1. Anonymous
      The man is a genius and an even better artist in writing than onstage. That must have sent Skinny into orbit making fun of Labour. Mentioning Sinn Fein is fascinating and risky but he takes risks which is needed when speaking the truth.

      But I wish he could leave a statement to tell his ex fans to move on but hopefully in harsher words.
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    2. Anonymous
      Labour is a joke as is the woke society. I’m glad Morrissey is having a successful US tour. Fuck the Guardian.

      Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife:
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    3. Carlislebaz
      Benny, the British butcher..... I’m sorry I spoke about you and your mother the way I did yesterday... in reflection i really wanted to hurt you, and i did , but..... you took it very well , so well done son ... nobody ever called me bazza.... I’m sure we can do business. Much love to my mozzer as always, take care me benny
    4. Carlislebaz
      Vote Jeremy Corbin labour baz
    5. Anonymous
      Please don't go there Moz - they are just goading you. Better to just project a dignified silence....
    6. Anonymous
      The UK is a joke, I hope we abort any trade deals we have with your useless racist obsessed shit hole.
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    7. Peanut

      BTW Nice strawmen Moz. Because it's really down to the fact that someone doesn't support Labour or is against Halal.
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    8. Carlislebaz
      I love labour ,, always and for ever ... even jezza Corbin... that’s me ... yes he’s not tony blair, I loved him so much..... I’m still fucking labour,,, always and forever..... go jezza go jezza . I will vote for you evermore
    9. vegan cro spirit 777
      vegan cro spirit 777

      about the Guardian cuck islamic commies being savages of the worst kind:rage::rage:

      they cant bring Moz down Moz is one upping them with sell out shows and top 5 albums:highfive:
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    10. Carlislebaz
      Carlislebaz says always vote labour
    11. Anonymous
      My best work yet!

      Please decipher the above!
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    12. Anonymous
      Nothing more amusing than poor Melvis with a chafing pussy.
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    13. vegan cro spirit 777
      vegan cro spirit 777



      the only pussy youve ever known is the one you killed with the lawnmower.:lbf:
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    14. Anonymous
      Trump will form the strongest trade deal with the UK ever seen. That way americans can continue to look to England for the music and fashion and movies like they always did.
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    15. Anonymous
      Silly Steven claiming that everyone is entitled to their opinion.

      Except at one of your concerts? Silly old prick. And then he cancels the following one because his vagina is still sore. What an utter cock this old f** has become.

      good riddance
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    16. countthree
      "The tour is due to resume in San Francisco tomorrow (3 October)."

      OMG, they don't even inform appropriately. Why do they lie SO MUCH?
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    17. Anonymous
      That statement is bizarre in the extreme. It sounds like he's having a breakdown. He's clearly unwell and that protest at the recent gig has badly rattled him.

      "I am nothing, and I have no human rights."

      Those are not the words of a well man.

      Coupled with the increase in security at tonight's show it sounds like he's becoming majorly paranoid. I see an early end to this tour coming quite soon.
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    18. countthree
      Pessoa said "I'm nothing" too. It's figurative language.
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    19. Anonymous
      Anyone have any idea what the silly old bastard is on about there. Anyone?
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