Morrissey Central: "New York" & "Morrissey Is A New York Doll" (21 August, 2019)


:weary:not played there:

the CCs James
the NO cucks
Alain T and the punk rock drummer
DH Andy
FH Mike
Moneyless Hooky

:handpointright::guardsman::handpointleft: Jr or Sr

can you check if any of the following cucks played there:

Alain Twat and his Twat punk rock drummer
DH Andy
FH Mike
Sucko New Order?
Cuckers James/

quick answer: NO:lbf:
What a career height! ...playing a week before Jethro Tull and some BBQ Chicken folks!

What do Jethro-Tull and Melvis’ crew have in common? They both have a lead singer and replacement support band because nobody can stand to be in the same room with either.

Surely a sign of more Top-5 releases in Poland!
There's lots of Ramones history in the area, two murals, Forest Hills High School (Rock & Roll High School), the childhood homes of several members of the band, Thorneycroft Ramp where they used to hang out and get into trouble, and bit further out, Rockaway Beach.

Also from where the Ramones formed. I’m sure Surface is just being his dear old party pooping self.
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