Morrissey Central: "New Morrissey Album" - 'I Am Not A Dog On A Chain' (November 28, 2019)

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By Famous when dead on Nov 28, 2019 at 12:25 AM
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    Morrissey's new studio album, I Am Not A Dog On A Chain, is scheduled for March 2020 release by BMG. The album was recorded in St-remy, France, with producer Joe Chiccarelli. The eleven tracks are:

    Jim Jim Falls
    Love Is On Its Way Out
    Bobby, Don't You Think They Know?
    I Am Not A Dog On A Chain
    What Kind Of People Live In These Houses?
    Knockabout World
    Darling, I Hug A Pillow
    Once I Saw The River Clean
    The Truth About Ruth
    The Secret Of Music
    My Hurling Days Are Done

    Morrissey has described I Am Not A Dog On A Chain as:

    " … the very best of me … too good to be true … too true to be considered good … ", and concludes Morrissey's contract with BMG Records.

    The first single is "Bobby, Don't You Think They Know?", which features vocals by Thelma Houston. The B-side is "Rainbow Valley", a cover of the UK hit by The Love Affair.

    BMG will re-issue and re-master several Morrissey albums in 2020, with updated artwork and sleeve notes. These albums are: Southpaw Grammar, Maladjusted, You Are The Quarry, Ringleader Of The Tormentors, Years Of Refusal, Live At The Hollwood Bowl.

    Morrissey has so far achieved 24 Top Ten albums in the UK - 14 solo, 10 with The Smiths. His highest U.S. chart position was this year with "California Son" at number 7.

    This information provided by Rod Taylor.

    The Secret Of Music mystery solved.
    Rainbow Valley appears again.
    Reissues could be promising.
    Is that a Loyd Grossman reference in the tracklist!?

    Media coverage:
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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Famous when dead, Nov 28, 2019.

    1. 21punksalute
      Love the title. Getting tattooed on my forehead now.
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    2. Anonymous
      Too good to be true, he says...
      I have high hopes for the Shit is on its way out and Darling, I bite a pillow. And the special honour goes to the solo resident The Truth a.k.a. Dr. Ruth. You are famous now!
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    3. vegan cro spirit 555
      vegan cro spirit 555

      Le Pew, hes having many remasters put out by BMG :lbf:

      when he gets ready to make a new album then he will make the new contract.:rock::rock:

      after this new album he will take a break and relax and kick back and laugh at the
      newer :handpointright::guardsman::handpointleft: album which nobody will care about. AGAIN. :laughing:
      (probably recorded by Jr Le Pew as Sr Le Pew is bed ridden:pray: he ll make Jr hurry up
      and make a sucko album so as to use some of the Moz publicity as he always does, the cuck)
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    4. mcrickson
      The other thing to keep in mind is that a post on Central isn't a guarantee that any of this will actually happen.
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    5. Anonymous
      That's what I was thinking, pretty ambitious release schedule for someone whose contract is up. Is there really a market for the re-mastered albums? I'll bet BMG will see how the new album does first. In other words, all that information is a smokescreen to mask losing another label.
    6. Anonymous
      Well, that or 'here's an easy way to make some money and give BMG one of the albums they payed for'. Morrissey's career has certainly had a few cases of what look suspiciously like 'contractual obligation albums' (eg: 'World of Morrissey', 'Greatest Hits' etc) - hell, even back to the days of 'Rank' which - great as it is - was only released to get out of the deal with Rough Trade. From the outside it looks as though he's desperate to get a record deal - then each time he gets one, something sours and he tries to fulfull his obligations and get out as soon as possible.
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    7. Anonymous
      Yes, but who is Rod Taylor? Is he with BMG?
    8. 21punksalute
      Um-No shit. You don’t have to point that out. it’s like going to the beach and saying “look there’s sand!”
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    9. Anonymous
      This is why you shouldn't drink while pregnant, ladies.
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    10. snoddywilko
      Yes, I can’t wait for this. I think that gig was excellent; a truly great set-list.

      Strange that it is listed as a reissue, though, seeing as it has never been released.

      It’s a real shame that Beethoven, & Earl’s Court aren’t getting the same treatment.
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    11. Anonymous
      Yet to see any kind of dog on a chain.

      Is he morphing into Robert Smith recycling the same words all the time?

      Next Moz single:

      "High as a kite".
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    12. Anonymous
      A bit like the news that you broke about being a recording artist. Still not over that nerdy video you made.
    13. snoddywilko
      Get a grip & try sorting out your life, as it’s obviously not going very well.
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    14. Anonymous
      Just 100% odorous old mut.
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    15. Nerak
      sounds like a mix of suicidal Americana, anti-Authoritarian bombast & love rejections, with a 1960s slant. I'll probably like the songs & hate the production. It does all feel like he wants to be exiled & die forsaken in a hotel room somewhere, like Oscar. I wish he'd snap out of it.
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    16. Dale Wharfe
      Dale Wharfe
      The Truth About Ruth sounds a bit clumsy. Ruth Ellis perhaps? Three tracks with people's names in the title. This worries me slightly because it can sometimes be a ploy of his to invest a song with more meaning than is actually there, simply by making the listener think he is singing about a real person with a real back story, when in fact, he just likes the sound of the name. Or simply because it rhymes, as in The Truth About Ruth. Still very excited and hopeful as ever.
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    17. Eldritch
      Well, when it comes to Morrissey, three albums is definitely a long-term relationship.
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    18. celibate
      Good news on this rainy ,stormy autumn morning.
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    19. Anonymous
      How does me listening to 'First of the Gang to Die' (as a random exaample) aid white supremacy? Are black folks keeling over in the streets and dying, just from the soundwaves being toxic to them, or something? :confused:
    20. FatGayVegan
      We see the return of the duplicitous claim that California Son charted at number 7 in the USA when in fact it debuted at number 95, which was also its highest Billboard 200 chart position. Week two of its release saw it drop out of the Billboard 200 all together.

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