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By Famous when dead on Dec 4, 2019 at 12:52 AM
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    "To Morrissey, With Love" is the name of a photography exhibition opening on Friday 6th December at the Elham Art Gallery in the city of Ras Al Khaimah in United Arab Emirates. Elham Gallery has stated:

    " (this) response from us at the gallery, and the artistic community in Ras Al Khaimah, is because we have been following with shock and concern the unjustified hate campaigns from media towards Morrissey. We have decided to stand by Morrissey, as his Muslim friends, to acknowledge that we are aware of him as a true and passionate friend, and to tell the world that we know he's not our enemy or hater, and we dedicate a group exhibition to him as thanks for being brave against this cruel and hypocritical world."

    The Gallery also state that no animal products will be available at the Exhibition.

    This post was first shared via @Nerak in a different thread.


    Further info courtesy of Anon:

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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Famous when dead, Dec 4, 2019.

    1. NealCassidy
      Does there exist such a person?
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    2. Anonymous
      Cool. I'm hoping for a full Middle East tour next year. Hopefully one where any travelling female regulars have to wear a full burka in order to gain admittance. :p
    3. NealCassidy
    4. Carlislebaz
      Price of nowt!!! Even from you , that’s low. Sometimes I can relate to some things you post.... but really to compare our moz with that free loading, utter useless, horrid , arrogant slag is a bit much really.... come on benny give us sommet to laugh at or have a debate about again, please.... have you lost your mojo perhaps!!!!!
    5. Carlislebaz
      Benny, I’ve said to you before that if ever your in my neck of the woods then to get in touch... that still holds... update... I’ve had my bell end turned into a pair of pish flaps... does this entertain you... if so call me .. pet... love ya
    6. Anonymous
      ...and - as I mentioned in a previous post - cue ne’er to be released collaboration with Yusef Islam.
    7. Carlislebaz
      Aww I think I’ve sent benny down to skinny’s basement saying carlislebaz now has pish flaps...... I just wonder who will swallow who... still love ya Benjamin,,, skinny you remain a cow pat.... call me benny!!!!!
    8. Anonymous
      Melvis and the Muslims! Amazing how deep his hypocrisy runs, in hopes of emptying your wallet into his.
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    9. gordyboy9
      totally agree with the deluxe songs,still a great album.
    10. GodEmperorMorrissey
      Nobody hates Muslims the issue is mass importation of foreigners
    11. ForgotHowIGotMyName
      I disavow this heinous act of non-racism! That’s it! Morrissey is dead to me!
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    12. YouSaidWhat?
      When you open your "art" gallery in your town, I wonder if you would allow any of :bow: your "followers" :bow: to do the same unto you?

      Get Help. You Are Sick. Stop sniffing UncleSkinny's ass and separate yourself from that disease!

      I can't decide which is more confusing, your reasoning or your grammar, both make me want to vomit profusely.
    13. vegan cro spirit 888
      vegan cro spirit 888
      or the Islamic Empire/Caliphates, built by slaves:turban:, had HUGE sex slave markets as well huge demand for shiksas.:nogood::eyes:
    14. Nerak
      I take it he's still attacking Morrissey? Which takes some amount of hubris in the week that a survey found the left is now more antisemitic than the right & he's been telling the Chief Rabbi what he's allowed to be concerned about.
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    15. Anonymous
      Marry me in Sweden!

      I can wear a kilt and stuff.

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    16. vegan cro spirit 888
    17. The Truth
      The Truth
      Different denominations of Muslims hate each other so to say "nobody hates Muslims" is #LowIQ
      And if "one can't help but think that the Chinese are a subspecies" for their treatment of animals and halal slaughter is "approved by ISIS" then "hate" may not be the right word but how can both of those be true and yet Morrissey would not be against Muslim teachings, which is fine since it goes against pretty much everything he has said his whole career.
      This is just another run of "some of my vest friends are..."

      But, credit where it's due, you are correct that immigration is the issue. One can't help bur feel that Morrissey doesn't care what Muslims do to each other as long as they're not immigrating to England.
    18. The Truth
      The Truth
      The left is against the genocidal actions of Israel against the Palestinians, which the right seems to be less bothered by, and we all know that being anti-Israel is often confused with being antisemitic even though it's a totally different thing.
    19. Nerak
      The left has been sharing neo-Nazi memes & babbling about Rothschilds for quite a while now. There's not even a pretense of it being about Zionism.
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    20. marred
      The urge does not, but thanks anyway.
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