Morrissey Central: "MORRISSEY IN AMERICA" (9 September, 2019)


morrissey, please stop encouraging this onslaught of visual vomit. never in my life have i ever seen such amateurish attempts. it's almost as if these same people making these "montages" will wake up tomorrow and decide they want to be surgeons. that's not going to work out too well. people are going to die.
It's incredibly pretentious, arrogant and disgusting to stamp his face and name on photomontages with famous artists just to promote himself. Morrissey pretending big names like James Dean, Elvis, Joe Ramone, Marilyn Monroe and many more would be adoring him as the king of pop? Give me a break!
"Morrissey's tour in the USA is off to a great start. Morrissey has expressed "genuine, heartfelt thanks to triumphant audiences in Columbia and New York City.""

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Very pleased for him that attendance on his tour has defied all the naysayers.
As for the photos he can post what he likes on his own website.
A few celebrities with Moz tattoos and a cat can hardly offend anybody........ Oh wait a minute :rolleyes:
These are even worse than the usual dross.
Without all of the photo shopped images, the video projections, the smoke and mirrors what is there? A completely same old, same old yes men band and a grey, out of puff, sweating old,camp,balding,unfit,narcissist, racist frontman who will unscrupulously appropriate animals, dead people, and stupid Americans into alluding to him being a huge successful star. Thanks be to God for free speech and the intelligence to see through such illusions.
they are angry about everything,M could give his whole fortune away to charity and they would still moan.
...and AGAIN, the tube-dwelling apologist spins laughter into anger.

NOBODY is “moaning”. They’re simply stating the obvious. Melvis doesn’t give tuppence to anyone except his mother. ...and he only helps to support her because he knows it’s coming back to him when she kicks.

JFC, he doesn’t even pay his musicians. He fled England to avoid paying Rourke, Joyce and taxes. Now he’s in the red with the IRS.
You fucking lot are about a bright a bunch of sunken, petrified logs.

All he has to do is release a couple of decent singles, quit the “poor me” bullshit and own his words like a fucking man. ...but THAT’s not happening either, is it?
Not sure about the images, but certainly a great start to the tour, big crowds, decent set list, adoring fans. Hopefully we can have a UK tour next year, fingers crossed :pray:

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