Morrissey Central: "Minor Detail" (October 3, 2019)


"The shirt Morrissey wears in this photo was once owned by American actor Steve McQueen.
The ring worn by Morrissey in this photo was once owned by actor Richard Davalos, who played James Dean's brother in East Of Eden."


From Autobiography:

"The frenzied panic at Smiths shows goes largely unreported. Berserk and wildly funny, the shows outstrip anything else that we are told is hysteria. Backstage in Los Angeles, the actor Richard Davalos walks towards me, and, saying nothing, places a square-faced silver ring on the third finger of my left hand. Looking not an hour older than when he played James Deans's screen brother in East of Eden in 1955, Davalos now lives in Echo Park and tends to his garden. A series of beautifully printed letters arrive from Richard at Cadogan Square:

by way of thanks for your magnetic performance here in Los Angeles. It was a truly remarkable evening. You are so very special. RICHARD.

Richard's ring fastened itself to my finger for the next few years, until I suddenly wondered what it was doing there.
He was really lucky to have met Richard. I can’t even imagine that sort of thing happening to me. I hope he still cherishes the ring.

Oh, and cool fact about the shirt! Didn’t know about that one...

So... THIS is where you’re dole checks go, when you buy Melvis’ rubbish albums, singles, merch and tickets to upcoming cancelled shows!

I always wondered. Leaves, twigs, nuts and berries aren’t that expensive. The Kerrygold, vodka and cashmere likely take up a bit. the jet-setting, top-shelf hotels, personalized Mini and court-ordered payments and taxes he’s been dodging.

This is why he won’t have the money to fund his new album when BMG drops him on his slug ass.

Kickstarter for the new album will up soon!

WTF??? I see you gave up the wee wee wee ya ya ya ya jabbering, Skinny but there is no need to
recycle the Benny Boorish Halal Butcher material FFS. Kerrygold?? Cashmere?? WTF this is dated
troll material.doh:

and Dole checks.doh: you got a blue thumb right now from cashing a few, you dumb cuck.:rofl:
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