Morrissey Central: Lady Willpower / Rainbow Valley - delayed (22 August, 2019)

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LADY WILLPOWER / Rainbow Valley. - Morrissey Central
August 22, 2019

Rights to use the photograph from the film 'Eva' (1962) for the "Lady Willpower" 45 - as previously unveiled on M-central - has been denied. The sleeve is now changed and features Lili St Cyr. This will delay the single release for a few weeks.


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Joey Egg

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Obtaining permission to use an image on a record sleeve. As Terence Stamp said to me the other day when I bumped into him at the garden centre, what difference does it make?


from the Ice Age to the dole age


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I'm hoping this is just some low-res version of the actual cover - but the physical version of the 'Lover-to-Be' looked similarly awful, so possibly not. At the bare minimum at least find a source photo of decent quality. It's just embaressing now. :(

Seeing as the text is all reasonably sharp my guess is this is the finished product. Which beggars belief.


You forgot the "45," just in case anybody holding the release forgets what format it's on.

It's not the format, it's the speed the vinyl is played at. 12" maxis are also played at 45 rounds per minute.

!Viva Hate!

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its an absolute minefield these days,iv said many times on here that there are so many production companies who will try and claim image rights,iv spoken with many youtubers and they say its getting ridiculous in that you can hardly play a few seconds of music or show an image without getting a complaint from youtube which results in their monetization being held back,thats why most content providers are giving up.



It’s now or never.


Game Of Death.
they should just give it as a freebie after all this trouble.


they should just give it as a freebie after all this trouble.
Watch it or Viva will marry ya.

Was that AIK keeper own goal the funniest in history of football?

Pilla's jaw is still on the floor in the stand at Friends.

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