Morrissey Central: Lady Willpower / Rainbow Valley - delayed (22 August, 2019)

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By lanterns on Aug 22, 2019 at 5:46 AM
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    Nov 19, 2014
    LADY WILLPOWER / Rainbow Valley. - Morrissey Central
    August 22, 2019

    Rights to use the photograph from the film 'Eva' (1962) for the "Lady Willpower" 45 - as previously unveiled on M-central - has been denied. The sleeve is now changed and features Lili St Cyr. This will delay the single release for a few weeks.


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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by lanterns, Aug 22, 2019.

    1. Mauricey
      Jesus C, what's the resolution on that photo, 12 ppi?
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    2. Del
      There was also the Headmaster Ritual CD single that was withdrawn due to an objection from Viv Nicholson.
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    3. lanterns
      lil saint cyr can see everything she wants with her eyes closed, thus she is a lady of true will and power.
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    4. Carlisle baz
      Carlisle baz
      Can I ask what people expect from a Morrissey single front cover?? Maybe a Rembrandt original, or carrivagio perhaps... I think young sam( even though he’s knocking on as well) has and still is doing a professional job, leave him alone... I’ve seen his work at the last moz gig in Newcastle jan 18 .. best footage of any moz gig ever... and for the record I’m seen on it during Sunday’s epic
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    5. Anonymous
      You’re taking the piss, right? These covers all look like they’re made with stock fonts, in Microsoft Word 1998.
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    6. Amy
      Did you sleep through The Smiths?
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    7. Carlisle baz
      Carlisle baz
      No not really I totally lived it to be fair.. trudging through Carlisle with the t shirt of the hour... being mocked by people who would later on join me at Morrissey gigs 5 years later. I get what your saying though.
    8. The Truth
      The Truth
      Why don't they go to the library and use Word Art that comes with Microsoft Word?
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    9. Carlisle baz
      Carlisle baz
      Let’s get to the bones of my frustration and probably many more on here.... FOR FUCK SAKE MOZ DO A UK TOUR IMMEDIATELY
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    10. Carlisle baz
      Carlisle baz
      Just checked out rainbow Valley, looks like the drummer had spent his two weeks holiday in Greggs.... any how it sounds like the theme from CA son.. very 70s , witch the band have picked up on and done a marvellous job doing so, and with a modern, yet still catchy mowerdays interpretation. Voice better than ever.. band perfect, weather it’s a didgeridoo, or 70s style, picture perfect by , ahem... an ageing, trustworthy Sam,,, I’m alive with CS it grows on me day by day.
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    11. mcrickson
      Wait, you're joking - did he really make these?
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    12. Carlisle baz
      Carlisle baz
      Good night young sam , what’s your boyo doing these days... does he evade the bright lights??? Or does he have to work in the real world , I would love to not know . Don’t keep me informed.... love you... Carlisle’s biggest fan...
    13. Anonymous
      That’s a fucking mic drop!!!! ;)
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    14. Anonymous
      Dunno what you’re smoking but - that band are manikins for shitty t-shirts. Not a chop in the whole hop.

      Raise your bar. You’re well below the low end.
    15. Cornflakes
      Funny he was refused permission to use an image from Eva. There's an eerily familiar figure in the film poster.

    16. Anonymous
      I'm hoping this is just some low-res version of the actual cover - but the physical version of the 'Lover-to-Be' looked similarly awful, so possibly not. At the bare minimum at least find a source photo of decent quality. It's just embaressing now. :(
    17. Amy
      They're on his Facebook.
    18. Anonymous
      What the hell are you even talking about? The original Rainbow Valley by Love Affair? Because Morrissey's version hasn't been released yet.
      Unless you have access to it and are willing to share..?
    19. Ryan
    20. gordyboy9
      they also did everlasting love which is one of the best songs of the sixties.for 5 wee rascals they were a great band.
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