Morrissey Central: "'It's Over' is number 1" (January 6, 2020)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Jan 6, 2020.

By Anonymous on Jan 6, 2020 at 5:57 PM
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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Jan 6, 2020.

    1. ACTON
      The 'nice and friendly' bit helps. A lot of people who get trolled are very insulting and get angry instantly, whereas I've never seen FWD rattled. He seems above it all, like a modern day Jedi Master. Meanwhile everyone else are throwing lightsabres at each other.
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    2. vegan cro spirit 888
      vegan cro spirit 888

      Excellent summation covering all the pertinent true points.:thumb:
      one point: starts wearing dumb 2 sizes too small hipster hat at 55 years of age, aka the LePew syndrome.o_O
    3. Pokey
      It goes back to the Morrissey/DavidT stuff and Skinny is still carrying that with him.
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    4. Gregor Samsa
      Gregor Samsa
      Sorry to take part in the shit show, but I just have to ask, I’m just too curious: has Skinny actually been disowned by his family? Trolls on either side of the fence need not answer.
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    5. Anonymous
      Fine time? You get triggered any time someone criticises Morrissey.

      If you're so able to ignore Morrissey's abhorrent views, why can't you ignore Skinny's?
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    6. Pokey
      I'm actually not, if you'll note, it's about Skinny because I don't believe his anger directed at Morrissey is legit. Or more to the point, I don't believe the reasons he is listing as his anger are legit, I think it's underhanded and disgusting that he uses legitimate issues as a front to further his own little issues. It detracts from the seriousness of said issues. I don't think Morrissey is as evil as many make him out to be, but I also don't agree with everything he says. But like I have said before, he's just a dude with views and eh .. I like his music and thats ultimately what matters to me. I'm able to ignore Morrissey's views because there are things I love and adore about Morrissey that I am able to compartmentalize. Whereas I don't like anything about Skinny. This is also Morrissey-solo, not Skinny-solo, I'm here for Morrissey stuff .. not this annoying turd with an insane case of little-man syndrome who keeps popping up. So whenever he pops up I and others just tend to want to swat him away from time to time. There are plenty of people here who take issue with what Morrissey says and thats fine - they have their view and he has his. But at least their views on him are genuine and not a front like Skinny's.

      So no, its not about people criticising Morrissey. I criticise Morrissey ffs. You're mistaking me for other people who praise him endlessly and cannot handle a bad word said about him.
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    7. Surface
      But you clearly do or you wouldn’t have written all this shit. Why not put him on ignore?
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    8. Anonymous
      How is it all shit? Clarify tick turd.
      Maybe you know more than you're willing to admit, skinny?:confused:
    9. Nerak

      It's a shame if it's that. Performers can be a temperamental bunch, it's the adrenaline, they're all rattling off the walls. I just let it burn out. (I'm on day 2 of my new job, mood board not even on the wall & I've had a casting scandal & 2 requests to deal with 'stalkers' being 'rude' on Twitter).
    10. vegan cro spirit 888
      vegan cro spirit 888
      Now Skinny will come to his own defense under the guise of his pseudonym, 'surface' etc etc.:straightface:
      Skinny who hates Moz cant ignore him spends the days trolling the MOZ SITE but we are supposed to ignore their trolling. :lbf:

    11. ordinaryboy86
      Are you still alive :tears:
    12. Mozmar
      Which bits are non-factual? It's well documented & you know it.

      The guy ruined his own life, his family dumped him, he had heartbreak/breakdown/meltdown/girlie syndrome,; he blamed Moz for it all, when all along it was Finan's own stupid fault for acting like a juvenile groupie, attending this and that event; deluding himself, & others, that he was in some way loosely connected to Moz & the Smiths/Morrissey brand, band & the music industry generally.
      He skinted his family with this completely hopeless, farcical obsession, & even did a stint on Mastermind. Why? So he'd get on TV & think/hope that Moz would see it, see him, that's why.

      Someone clearly pointed out to him what a complete & deluded cock he'd been, most likely his family, so what does Finan do? ...sets off on a course of wrongful & hateful vengeance because it was all somebody else's fault, not his, & by doing so, skinny seeks to totally absolve himself of any personal responsibility for his own actions. Complete tosser...& he's still, after all these years, going on and on about it all. He sees this personal crusade as a way to restore some semblance of trust & respect with his family & friends who have disowned him.

      In short, he's trying to punish Moz for, what actually were, his own stupid schoolboy errors of judgement. The man's a fool.

      However, let's not rake up skinny's mistakes; he knows exactly what they are.

      If there any inaccuracies, please insert accurate facts.

      Plenty of space.
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    13. Nerak
      That would be a tragedy because The Guardian, The Independent, Corbynistas, The entire faux-woke left & even The L.A. Times just chucked themselves off a credibility cliff (if you're on Twitter, the ratio is divine). After that, Moz could have died in a bunker & still resurrect his career.

      So, a waste of 3 years. Or 7.
    14. Surface
      Its well documented? You mean you believe all the shit that morons on here post. It will take you five minutes to do an internet search on Skinny. You will find he lives in one of the most picturesque areas of the UK and has a very good job.
    15. vegan cro spirit 888
      vegan cro spirit 888
      a search turns up nothing, as expected.:lbf:
      dole recipients are not published online.:lbf:
    16. Nerak
      God, why would you want near if you can escape? What you see on stage is the best bit, that's why it's on stage & you don't just have a bunch of people changing while moaning about how crap their agent is.
    17. Surface
      Well In the real world where we all have access to all aspects of the World Wide Web, there’s plenty of information, looks like the mental institution where you reside, have restricted your access to certain sites.
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    18. vegan cro spirit 888
      vegan cro spirit 888

      Internet search confirms your thesis.:thumb:
    19. vegan cro spirit 888
      vegan cro spirit 888
      another half dozen searches show NO JOB NO PICTURESQUE MANSION:popcorn:
      nothing on a job or 'picturesque' surroundings( picturesque is kind of gay but under the circumstances understandable).:straightface:

      only hit on skinny is a blog where is correctly classified as a
      Bradford man is anti-UKIP Twitter troll .:mad:

      trolling while on the dole is not a job

      its known that peeps on the dole spend their time writing letters to the editors and blogs.:censored:
    20. Anonymous
      Surface, he lives in fucking Bradford near the mosque! Is your google broke?
      FFS. :rolleyes:

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