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By countthree on Nov 1, 2019 at 2:31 PM
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    November 1, 2019

    Call me irresponsible, but I’d prefer not to address the generally left-leaning Morrissey’s support of the far-right For Britain Movement. In fact, I don’t even want to think about it. Oh, it’s not that I don’t care. (I do.) Or that I’m not puzzled. (Who isn’t?) But rather that it’s not my place to say which way he or anyone else swings. I mean, I wouldn’t tell Morrissey who to love, so why should I tell him which party to go to?

    That said, this is Morrissey we’re talking about and Morrissey is political. Always has been. Always will be. So it’d be impossible to review the man’s most recent Hollywood Bowl show without somehow touching upon politics. It also only makes sense that one of the most fiery and caustic moments of that showing was the politically-charged “I Wish You Lonely.”

    Taken from 2017’s Low in High School, “I Wish You Lonely” is an agit-pop fight song for shut-ins. A sorta J’accuse for the recluse, if you will. Think of it as the kinda track a bed-ridden Proust might write if he wore a Yellow Vest and had a kickass band behind him. The place where taunt meets lament and comes out as anthem.

    It’s also just a little bit epic.

    Live it’s even more so. The stir is more stirring. The churn is more churning. The roar more roarful. The song may be driven by a march beat, backed by a heart’s throb and bolstered by flaring harmonics, but it’s led by Morrissey’s melodic malevolence.

    And his inarguable adamance. This is how it is, baby. Deal with it. But don’t fall for it. Whatever you do.

    By the time the song sides with the holy sea creature over the evil Norwegian gunships, you’ve become the pursued, and you’ve vowed never to give in to your pursuers, even if your life depends on it.

    Because, of course, it does. Which, of course, is the key to Morrissey. He sings of living through lethal things. Love. Loss. Murder. War. You name it. That he does so with a cutthroat wit and a killer croon only makes the songs – and their subjects – that much deadlier.

    And that much more vital. It’s there in You Are the Quarry’s “Irish Blood English Heart,” it’s there in Years of Refusal’s “I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris,” and it’s there in Viva Hate’s “Everyday is Like Sunday.” It was there in every other song sung at The Bowl on Saturday too, including The Smiths’ classic “How Soon is Now.”

    But though “How Soon is Now” actually ended the evening, it was the raucous one-two punch of “Jack the Ripper” and “Jacky’s Only Happy When She’s Up on Stage” that truly crashed out the main event – and left the 17,000+ in attendance gently reeling into that long Hollywood night. We were bruised. We were battered. And we were happy. In fact, we were ecstatic.

    Imagine being hit by the world’s most beautiful fist. That’s what the night felt like. I don’t know if the blow came from the left. And I don’t know if the blow came from the right. But I do know I’ll be cherishing the black-and-blue for the rest of my life.


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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by countthree, Nov 1, 2019.

    1. Nerak
      He has clearly stated that he's attracted to men & women & his relationship with Jake & the Italian man were acknowledged in his autobiography.

      There hasn't been several comments about Farage & he still hasn't voted for any party.

      He's made comments about immigration changing culture & he thinks some civil rights movements are supremacist & he has bought into the idea that Islamic laws are being imposed on Europe, ideas that you can find in the books he's been reading. He actually hasn't attacked people or said anything as vile as Eric Clapton's 70s outburst.

      He might still think he's right, but there's hope, because it's not based on a pathological hatred of other groups.
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    2. Anonymous
      Morrissey hasn't ever acknowledged that he is gay or bisexual - even in Autobiography.
    3. Nerak
      What do you think 'I'm attracted to men & women' means? He's been saying it since 1983. He doesn't like labels, but if you fancy men & women, you're not heterosexual.
    4. snoddywilko
      Yeh, I bet he can’t sleep at night worrying about losing your approval.

      Could you possibly be of less significance to him?

      Your arrogance is astounding.
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    5. snoddywilko
      He labelled himself humasexual, as he is attracted to humans.

      ok, he made his own label, but it’s the same as being bisexual.

      however, gay may be more accurate. He said that him & a woman discussed bringing a child into this world but he never said they had a romantic or sexual relationship. Perhaps she was a good friend who was open to being artificially inseminated with his sperm.
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    6. The Truth
      The Truth
      I caught dystopia from reading your posts.
    7. vegan cro spirit 555
      vegan cro spirit 555
      It is catching among twats but i thought nothing could penetrate you 'cement head'.:moyai::eyes:

    8. Anonymous
      As I said he has never, ever said he is either gay or bisexual. I know what both those terms mean "I'm attracted to ..." well, that's not stating either, is it?
    9. Nerak
      I don't think we need to think about this THAT deeply.
    10. Anonymous
      But not, its seems, as astounding as your own arrogance. So, you know what is and what isn't significant to Morrissey? Of course you don't but your arrogance couldn't stop you from typing that sentence.
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    11. Nerak
      Yes, it is. You don't have use the scientific term. If you fancy people, you fancy them.
    12. snoddywilko
      I think I can safely say that an anonymous persons opinion on this website is absolutely insignificant to Morrissey.

      but you can call me arrogant as much as you like if it makes you feel better.
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    13. NealCassidy
      Breaking new ground
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    14. snoddywilko
      Trill (the Troll) seems to enjoy giving all of my posts a troll rating.

      Trill, please feel free to explain why you rated the above post by me as trolling? It’s very clearly not; it’s a rational discussion about Morrissey’s sexuality & his own choice of label.

      Just because many people on here rightly rate your posts as trolling, & I’ve called you out for your unnecessary pettiness, you are now focussing said pettiness on me.

      Why don’t you focus on changing your own behaviour on this site? As trolling all of my posts only confirms your troll status.

      just a suggestion.
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    15. snoddywilko
      it took you minutes to give my post calling you out as a troll yet another troll rating.

      I rest my case, you pitiful creature.
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    16. Anonymous
      Just take it as a seal of approval, that's the way I look at his 'mark'.
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    17. Dale Wharfe
      Dale Wharfe
      Does anyone know what the troll symbol represents. Is it a file? Is it a generally recognised troll symbol, or unique to this site?
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    18. Anonymous
      Looks a bit like a girl's handbag to me...Trill always carries one
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    19. A scanty bit of thing
      A scanty bit of thing
      I think it’s a file!
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    20. Anonymous
      Yeah, because you're not anonymous at all are you cunt-stick. "I think I can safely say ....". Yup, more arrogance.
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