Morrissey Central: HOLLYWOOD BOWL BY JOHN HOOD November 1, 2019

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By countthree on Nov 1, 2019 at 2:31 PM
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    Oct 7, 2015

    November 1, 2019

    Call me irresponsible, but I’d prefer not to address the generally left-leaning Morrissey’s support of the far-right For Britain Movement. In fact, I don’t even want to think about it. Oh, it’s not that I don’t care. (I do.) Or that I’m not puzzled. (Who isn’t?) But rather that it’s not my place to say which way he or anyone else swings. I mean, I wouldn’t tell Morrissey who to love, so why should I tell him which party to go to?

    That said, this is Morrissey we’re talking about and Morrissey is political. Always has been. Always will be. So it’d be impossible to review the man’s most recent Hollywood Bowl show without somehow touching upon politics. It also only makes sense that one of the most fiery and caustic moments of that showing was the politically-charged “I Wish You Lonely.”

    Taken from 2017’s Low in High School, “I Wish You Lonely” is an agit-pop fight song for shut-ins. A sorta J’accuse for the recluse, if you will. Think of it as the kinda track a bed-ridden Proust might write if he wore a Yellow Vest and had a kickass band behind him. The place where taunt meets lament and comes out as anthem.

    It’s also just a little bit epic.

    Live it’s even more so. The stir is more stirring. The churn is more churning. The roar more roarful. The song may be driven by a march beat, backed by a heart’s throb and bolstered by flaring harmonics, but it’s led by Morrissey’s melodic malevolence.

    And his inarguable adamance. This is how it is, baby. Deal with it. But don’t fall for it. Whatever you do.

    By the time the song sides with the holy sea creature over the evil Norwegian gunships, you’ve become the pursued, and you’ve vowed never to give in to your pursuers, even if your life depends on it.

    Because, of course, it does. Which, of course, is the key to Morrissey. He sings of living through lethal things. Love. Loss. Murder. War. You name it. That he does so with a cutthroat wit and a killer croon only makes the songs – and their subjects – that much deadlier.

    And that much more vital. It’s there in You Are the Quarry’s “Irish Blood English Heart,” it’s there in Years of Refusal’s “I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris,” and it’s there in Viva Hate’s “Everyday is Like Sunday.” It was there in every other song sung at The Bowl on Saturday too, including The Smiths’ classic “How Soon is Now.”

    But though “How Soon is Now” actually ended the evening, it was the raucous one-two punch of “Jack the Ripper” and “Jacky’s Only Happy When She’s Up on Stage” that truly crashed out the main event – and left the 17,000+ in attendance gently reeling into that long Hollywood night. We were bruised. We were battered. And we were happy. In fact, we were ecstatic.

    Imagine being hit by the world’s most beautiful fist. That’s what the night felt like. I don’t know if the blow came from the left. And I don’t know if the blow came from the right. But I do know I’ll be cherishing the black-and-blue for the rest of my life.


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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by countthree, Nov 1, 2019.

    1. Anonymous
      Who are the the “Weather People” ?
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    2. snoddywilko
      you already posted this comment as the first comment.

      it was hidden after numerous troll ratings; so you copy & paste it again?

      for what purpose?

      what do you imagine it will achieve?

      I imagine it will get numerous troll ratings & be hidden for a second time.

      then will you copy paste the same comment a third time?

      find something else to do.

      truly sad.
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    3. Anonymous
      It’s very telling that all is not well in “Camp Steven”.
      A whole week has passed. There is so much negativity around him and this is the best that Shit Central has come up with.

      Time to put things right and re-schedule those postponed dates starting with Castlefield Bowl in his hometown.
      We’re still waiting for that to happen or is it now CANCELLED?????????????

      Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife:
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    4. Anonymous
      You seem to be asserting that Morrusey is gay "a lot of LGBT men are" something Morrissey has never answered. He doesn't actually have to but it does make most LGBT arguments he makes rather weak.

      Overall I think you make some good points but they are points that Morrissey does not live up to.

      He stayed on the dole because he was financially supported by the state and his mum. That to me is not anarchy. He was in a position to afford a lifestyle. He's not quite the working class hero he's made out to be.

      He hates authority but has praised Nigel Farage. If Farage were to become PM (not remotely likely) then Morrissey would have faciliated this. We'd be living in a restrictive, authoritarian regime but Morrissey the out-of-touch, revionist, multi-millionaire would not.

      Morrissey has embraced Conservatism with the largest of C's. I have no real issue with that. I have an issue with the fact that he blatantly denies it. What is he so scared or ashamed of?

      Morrissey could get my vote back. All he had to do is provide a statement or interview denouncing previous statements and all that they imply; clearly, without ambuguity and without him attempting to be clever.

      As he remains socially and politically arrogant and naive that is never going to happen.
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    5. snoddywilko
      It’s been very clear for many years now that all is not well in “Camp BBB” yet still you plague this site with your drivel.

      If only YOU could be CANCELLED!
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    6. gordyboy9
      theyr related to the weather girls.
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    7. Mozmar
      Great review, some good wording there.

      'it’s not my place to say which way he or anyone else swings'

      It's not our place either.

      Leave Moz alone, he's only singing...
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    8. Anonymous
      ... except he's not only singing, is he?
    9. Anonymous
      I smell something unpleasant here...veiled sarcasm possibly, or has the medication just kicked in?
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    10. Anonymous
      Style. Long gone now.
    11. Anonymous
      You're still waiting?
      So you're the sole idiot in the tent in the CB car park waiting for the gig to happen...fucking retard. Just to let you know, it's not happening anytime soon so fuck off back to your hovel, benny the british bitcher/skinny/surface/trill clown.
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    12. vegan cro spirit 555
      vegan cro spirit 555
      what now with the Skinny Pseudonyms? are they waiting for the gig they were boycotting to start :lbf:
      they are love with :handpointright::guardsman::handpointleft: but never attended any of his stupid tiny gigs, they dont worry about his cancelled gigs. (no car park in those gig venues:lbf:).
      Now its too late, no more tiny gigs. no more 'dystopia'( thats the stupidest thing ever, 'im into dystopia", " some dystopia please" " does anyone know where I might get dystopic" what a dumb cuck):straightface:
    13. Nerak
      He is in LGBT because he has always said he was attracted to men & women & he has confirmed 2 relationships with men.

      Being on the dole isn't anarchy, but it's not right-wing. And his Farage comment was part of a sarcastic moan about rubbish PMs.

      He has gone neo-con but he's only denied being a racist or a fascist, because I take it he genuinely doesn't want to be those things & thinks he's against the grimmer Islamic laws rather than people.

      He is wrong & he does need a rethink. I'm just hoping he gets hold of some better books that inspire him in a different direction.

      Someone should probably send him some Zero Books - they're left-wing but also critical of its mistakes & very focused on the working-class. Maybe Cold World (would appeal to his nihilism) & A Left For Itself (Murray, without the gibbering conspiracy theory about Islam taking over the West because Marxists hate us).
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    14. Anonymous
      Even if he were to give you what you desire, skinny, you'd still find something to whinge about & want more; that's in your DNA. You're a Corbyn puppet & like Corbyn, a serial protester.

      The only thing you truly desire in your heart is for your ex-hero to wear a t-shirt saying 'Fuck U Skinny' which you would either interpret as:

      • Finally having got recognition from your ex-hero by mentioning you personally, or

      • An indication from Moz to satisfy your life long sexual desires.

      Wake up knob head, none of those are gonna happen in anyones life time.

      You're outside the tent, you've made your bed; lie in it. No way back for you now.
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    15. NealCassidy
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    16. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun


      Finally a journalist who knows their place, and simply does their job.

      The critic has to educate the public; the artist has to educate the critic.’

      Oscar Wilde


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    17. klaus
      i'm glad SER placed a copyright on that photo. i was about to use it. phew!
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    18. Anonymous
      Morrissey, as far as I aware, has never indentified himself as gay or bisexual. He has also never publicly acknowledged any of his male partners - of whom there have been several.

      I have no issue with this. However, I do take issue if he feels he speaks for LGBT people. Speaking in the 3rd person from the shadows isn't actually that supportive.

      If he's against processes, religion or laws then he has to clearly state that - but he doesn't He makes comments about people - immigrants and race. Why?

      It's peculiar that you note that his support of Farage was a sarcastic moan. He made supportive comments more than once so I'm not buying that at all.

      I agree he's boxed himself in with his own stupidity and arrogance. He could turn this around, instead he's waiting for people to understand him. That's never going to happen.

      A clear, non-sarcastic, apologetic statement outlining how he got into this mess and clarity on what he actually believes could prove helpful. As I and others have said he's not for turning because he believes what he has done is right. It isn't.
    19. lanterns
      i enjoyed reading that review. i'm glad john hood survived the concert, so he could narrate the highlights to us. with morrissey you are always out at sea, where there is neither left nor right, but only the stars and the four cardinal directions for orientation. but when the waves are surging up and the sky is opening all its doors, you better duck your head, pray to the lord and hope for the best.
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    20. Anonymous
      The name's fatty.

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