Morrissey Central: HOLLYWOOD BOWL BY JOHN HOOD November 1, 2019

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By countthree on Nov 1, 2019 at 2:31 PM
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    November 1, 2019

    Call me irresponsible, but I’d prefer not to address the generally left-leaning Morrissey’s support of the far-right For Britain Movement. In fact, I don’t even want to think about it. Oh, it’s not that I don’t care. (I do.) Or that I’m not puzzled. (Who isn’t?) But rather that it’s not my place to say which way he or anyone else swings. I mean, I wouldn’t tell Morrissey who to love, so why should I tell him which party to go to?

    That said, this is Morrissey we’re talking about and Morrissey is political. Always has been. Always will be. So it’d be impossible to review the man’s most recent Hollywood Bowl show without somehow touching upon politics. It also only makes sense that one of the most fiery and caustic moments of that showing was the politically-charged “I Wish You Lonely.”

    Taken from 2017’s Low in High School, “I Wish You Lonely” is an agit-pop fight song for shut-ins. A sorta J’accuse for the recluse, if you will. Think of it as the kinda track a bed-ridden Proust might write if he wore a Yellow Vest and had a kickass band behind him. The place where taunt meets lament and comes out as anthem.

    It’s also just a little bit epic.

    Live it’s even more so. The stir is more stirring. The churn is more churning. The roar more roarful. The song may be driven by a march beat, backed by a heart’s throb and bolstered by flaring harmonics, but it’s led by Morrissey’s melodic malevolence.

    And his inarguable adamance. This is how it is, baby. Deal with it. But don’t fall for it. Whatever you do.

    By the time the song sides with the holy sea creature over the evil Norwegian gunships, you’ve become the pursued, and you’ve vowed never to give in to your pursuers, even if your life depends on it.

    Because, of course, it does. Which, of course, is the key to Morrissey. He sings of living through lethal things. Love. Loss. Murder. War. You name it. That he does so with a cutthroat wit and a killer croon only makes the songs – and their subjects – that much deadlier.

    And that much more vital. It’s there in You Are the Quarry’s “Irish Blood English Heart,” it’s there in Years of Refusal’s “I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris,” and it’s there in Viva Hate’s “Everyday is Like Sunday.” It was there in every other song sung at The Bowl on Saturday too, including The Smiths’ classic “How Soon is Now.”

    But though “How Soon is Now” actually ended the evening, it was the raucous one-two punch of “Jack the Ripper” and “Jacky’s Only Happy When She’s Up on Stage” that truly crashed out the main event – and left the 17,000+ in attendance gently reeling into that long Hollywood night. We were bruised. We were battered. And we were happy. In fact, we were ecstatic.

    Imagine being hit by the world’s most beautiful fist. That’s what the night felt like. I don’t know if the blow came from the left. And I don’t know if the blow came from the right. But I do know I’ll be cherishing the black-and-blue for the rest of my life.


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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by countthree, Nov 1, 2019.

    1. Trill
      Right. So, he sells signed copies of other people’s albums and hosts a review blog that only reviews him? Gotcha.
      This message by Trill has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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    2. Morrissey's left nut
      Morrissey's left nut
      "Who cares that the ice cream man shat on the sundae? The ice cream is good, right? Just eat around the shit!"
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    3. Anonymous
      Good find.
      Good review using powerful language.
      I think Moz will be pleased with that.
      See the trolls came out in force in a feeding frenzy. Predictable arseholes.
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    4. Anonymous
      This is how it is, baby. Deal with it shithead.
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    5. The Irish Hare
      The Irish Hare
      Flaunt is a fashion and culture magazine founded in 1998 and based in Hollywood. It's a pleasant change to read a review that is actually about the music. His review reflects the posts of people who actually attended the concert, a great night had by all.
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    6. Ezallia
      Great review. Morrissey's voice and style remains a thing of beauty. There is nothing close to him in music.
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    7. Anonymous
      Erm, I almost gave up after reading this ... "I’d prefer not to address the generally left-leaning Morrissey’s support of the far-right For Britain Movement."

      I almost gave up because it's a nonsensical statement. Had it read "previously perceived to be left-leaning then that at least would make sense.

      He then goes on to state just how political Morrissey is. "Always has been, always will be" is, I think, the quote?

      Yet, Morrissey himself, and via also his management, have consistently stated he is not political - despite the politically charged statements. Very poorly researched.

      I can see why this would appear on Central - desparation for positive feedback.
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    8. Nerak
      I don't actually blame him for falling for Douglas Murray's Islamic Ascendancy theory - Murray's gay, published by Bloomsbury so you'd assume (wrongly) the stats were accurate & sounds completely reasonable except for some rare moments where his resentment at the liberal-left's sentimental Islamophilia comes gibbering out.

      The liberal-left is annoying, minorities being scared isn't as shameful as majorities being scared & it's not so bad that Moz can't atone & come back to sanity.
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    9. Anonymous
      Like anyone's interested in your malignant, pond scum view.
      Shut da fuck up and stick to clicking the ratings button every few seconds like the shitbag you truly are.
      It's the only thing you're good at. Go find a group of people who give a actual flying fuck about your view mate. If Skinny stopped abruptly, your feet would be sticking outta his ass. Pathetic, inadequate creature.
      Moz is fine without the dirty likes of you belching trash to an audience of people you dis daily.
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    10. Nerak
      He is left-leaning. His favourite ideologies are feminism & animal liberation. He doesn't vote because he hates authority, which is anarchic & he stayed on the dole rather than do anything he didn't want to, which isn't an acceptable right-wing attitude... he's gone neo-con at the moment, but a lot of LGBT men have, I think they feel betrayed by the left supporting regimes that have the death penalty for gay people.
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    11. carlislebaz
      How one tiny pin badge can cause such emotion, debate, and interest either on here or worldwide media is fascinating to me. It shows in some respects the power and relevance of Morrissey still after decades of attention seeking behaviour, and boy does he still know how to seek attention. For Britain is a paid up legal political party in the UK. As we all know, Weather people are suited or not it’s here, just like France with la penn, these party’s are on the rise. Politics on the European front is changing and will only change even more over the coming years, to what I could not begin to explain. People have the right to vote for whom is on the ballot paper. We also have the right to speak about our views without being chastised, belittled or humiliated. That would be undemocratic, but hey I live in the Uk ... now the most undemocratic country in Europe... I’m now unfortunately starting to think my own struggles through the Thatcher years weren’t that bad..
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    12. countthree
      Well, you can spot a libertarian anarchist because communists hate him the most. Morrissey doesn't seem to be left wing nor right wing. He's out the system.

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    13. SheilaSmith
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    14. GodEmperorMorrissey
      Good review. I love 'I Wish You Lonely" and LIHS is underrated
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    15. countthree
      It's a great song and as it happens with every great song we feel it as a message or a good advice.
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    16. Oh my
      Oh my
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    17. Mountjoy
      Can you provide evidence for where Murray has used inaccurate statistics or, worse, where has used false data.

      I may not have enjoyed or agreed with the conclusions Murray made but I haven't read a single review or response to the book that makes the assertion you have.

      I'm curious as to where you have found data that contradicts Murray because my own, limited, research found his data to be sourced from reliable outlets and to be accurate.

      Please help!
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    18. Surface
      Fantastic review from a well respected music magazine. Morrissey is so thrilled that such a positive review will be seen worldwide due to the reach and circulation the Flaunt site/magazine has, he chose to add a link on Morrissey Central.
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    19. Trill
      Right. So, he sells signed copies of other people’s albums and hosts a review blog that only reviews him? Gotcha.
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