Morrissey Central: "HOLD ON, IT’S COMING" (October 11, 2019)


Oct. 11, 2019


(The uncredited image is by Manuel & Moses Gardner).

@ ClownWhatThinksHe'sAnArtist Quit sticking Morrissey's records in pictures of famous people ffs!
Im so glad that SER has finally found his calling after so many years of living off his uncles name, ohh wait ............
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SER has finally found his calling after many years of living off his uncles name, ohh wait ............
Sounds like your jealous.... Ohh wait.... Bet they are both richer... Happier... And more content with breathing gods good air than you.
Another beautiful image young sam, keep em coming lad.... in 20-40 years time when we are all pushing up the daisies, these images and the songs will simply still look and sound stunning, still....
But when exactly do you mean? I’ve already waited too long
And the site attention seeker, the reincarnation of David Lewin strikes again. Desperate for someone to laugh at his lyrics......again,.
The new TM Lewin?
This is class all around. The presentation is very well thought out.
No one got the sexual innuendo. Moz is giggling behind the box of chocolates.
im gonna be honest, I've never loved Marilyn Monroe's face. I like her, but her face is meh.
Women hate other women more pretty than them. I never found Marilyn at all good looking in any way which is the case when someone is not your type.
Dressed up dolled up women tend to look like drag queens these days.

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