Morrissey Central: "Girl Most Likely To" & "Altar" (3 September, 2019)


If there is a God let us pray you die soon. You horrible unscrupulous disgusting ugly twat. I denounce Morrissey ad infinutum 100%.03/09/19.
Its just a couple of photos. Not worthy of anger but also not worthy of being posted on Moz Central in the first place. It all seems a bit random these days.

Moz is the only one who doesnt post here to sell tix. his own forum.
yet here is a list of the lackluster twats that use MOZ FORUM
to be able to sell their mini gig tix and homemade cds and 'eps':

Blitzhead Andy
Flathead Mike
Alain T
Salad punk rock drummer
the round ones from NO, Hooky and Bernard
and. last but not least and most annoying of all:
:handpointright::guardsman::handpointright: Jr and Sr.

they cant make any money on their own the weak wankersdoh:
Utter nonsense of course, if it was all about money why would he publicly support For Britain and alienate some of the lefties?
Skinny has made this bollocks claim for years. If Morrissey was all about the money he would've agreed to make a duet with Robbie Williams all those years ago and cashed in. He would've agreed to play the MTV game 100%, and of course the biggest of all, he'd have agreed to reform the Smiths at some point and done that cash-in world tour. If Morrissey was 'all about the money' he could easily be 50 times richer than he is now. Skinny has never ever been able to refute this point because...........................he is an idiot, with MDS (Morrissey Derangement Syndrome.)

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