Morrissey Central: "DEATH IS ON ITS WAY OUT" (January 1, 2020)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Famous when dead, Jan 1, 2020.

By Famous when dead on Jan 1, 2020 at 11:35 PM
  1. Famous when dead

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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Famous when dead, Jan 1, 2020.

    1. ACTON
      If Death is on its way out it is only because people want to live longer by cutting down on meat intake. I guess it doesn't matter what the reason is as long as less animals are slaughtered.
      (Edited to remove the 'red").
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    2. Thewlis
      Wonderful news!
      Thanks Moz.
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    3. Anonymous
      Pork isn’t red-meat. ...and I just finished the final glaze on a lovely New Years Day ham that I’ve had low and slow on the bbq for the past 2 hours. Pigs are cute. They’re also mighty tasty!
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    4. Anonymous
      Not a problem :thumb:
      I avoid red meat myself and would advise others to do so if asked. ( I Don’t even eat much bacon these days).
      Never buy red meat from supermarket chains. If you wanna buy it get it at your local butchers.
      Better still eat Chicken, Fish, Beans, Lentils, Porridge and plenty fruit/veggies etc.
      Soya milk far better for you.

      Death is on its way out ? FAKE NEWS. And definitely nothing to do with lazy Steven and his money making gimmick song Meat Is Murder and his crass money making jump on the bandwagon follow up model song failure The Bullfighter Dies.
      Steven is as much use to animals as Jimmy Saville was to children.
      He uses animals to sell T-Shirts for personal gain on his crappy merch and “pop up merch stalls”
      “He’s been getting away with it all his life”.
      If you wish to stand up for him on this matter fine. Not a problem. All I ask is that you reply/ retaliate fairly with strong evidence of Steven fighting on the front line for animals.
      Selling T-Shirts, Signing letters typed by others and posted on social media on various legs of tours, tin-pot animal cruelty stalls giving out leaflets at performances amounts to sweet F A !!
      So the very best of luck to you.

      Example : Brian May (Global massive guitarist in one of the worlds biggest bands).
      On the frontline in London fighting against badger culling.

      Good luck nut jobs.

      Just be healthy, balanced and conscious when YOU choose what to put in your mouth.

      Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife:
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    5. Anonymous
      Pork IS red meat.
      Google it :thumb:

      Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife:
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    6. Nerak
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    7. AztecCamera
      I reckon that's Beverly Boulevard, Moz Angeles New Years Eve cunt tit daft wacker inn n n nnn n nnnnnnnn n n it.
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    8. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun

      GREAT NEWS !!!

      VIA MOZ !!!

      thank you, darling.

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    9. vegan cro spirit 888
      vegan cro spirit 888


      he must be posting this dumb advice for Barnaby who idolizes the cuck. Barnaby
      is probably getting rid of the bacon now.

    10. Anonymous
      All the while thinking he is just trimming the fat. :rolleyes:
    11. celibate
      'and do you care how animals die'
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    12. Uncleskinny
      Subtext - "People are sick to death of your complaining bullshit, and they're still nervous about that For Britain shite. Why not put out an animal-friendly post, no one can complain about your motives on that"

      M - "Great idea - see to it"
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    13. ThePoliticalRevolution

      Do you need to see a shrink? Because you seem unhinged.
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    14. Anonymous
      You thought it appropriate to comment upon a singer you claim that you do not like at 5.19am. I hope that paper round is going well. At least you have finally been given a position of responsibility.

      The fact that you are now constructing imaginary conversations casting yourself in the role of Morrissey is both troubling and Chapman-esque. I hope someone is keeping an eye on you.
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      Not necessarily a good thing to measure by tonnage of flesh. Many more “white flesh” individuals are killed to make up the weight of larger “red flesh” mammals. Think how many fishes are killed to equal a cow for example.
    16. NealCassidy
      blimey, good spot re the time.

      Skinny - do you think Morrissey should be assassinated to put things right?
    17. The Wild Turkey
      The Wild Turkey
      Ya ain't seen nothin' yet.
      The next step of evolution for the human bein' is consciousness.
      Murder won't help ya.
      Hate won't help ya.
      Drugs won't help ya.
      Ya first lesson is Turkey Steppin'.
    18. Anonymous
      Don't give him ideas. The man is clearly unhinged and delusional. Who knows what he has planned...
    19. NealCassidy
      Is he straight enough to admit that’s his wish.

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