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    Jul 15, 2006
    BLUE RONDO A LA TURK - Morrissey Central
    July 8, 2019


    "I liked them because they seemed two jumps ahead of everyone else. The mere sight of them suggested big league, but they didn't quite get that far. They were one of the very few groups that the Smiths supported, but there was a scepticism about them being just 'club models' … who asked and got. This was said also about very early Roxy Music … who appeared to be quite affluent before they'd even had a hit. With Blue Rondo, again, you suspected that they were given all of their fantastic suits for free whilst the rest of us had to dream of being able to buy SOMETHING that didn't look TOO abysmal. The main electric spark was their dancing which was very virile and athletic … and even though they came from the Blitz/Billy's scene they seemed like supermale prizefighters or nightclub heavies … deep-chested vocals, narrow-hipped, and very much a man's, man's, man's, man's world. I don't think a sudden tussle would trouble them in the least. But their songs were not about the curves of seductive women - or even about women … as if women might even lack some essential excitement. It's a safe bet that they couldn't stand the Smiths … me singing about not even a glimmer of adventure sex. But that was 1982 or, for me, 1947. Their companion Robert Elms described me as "Ena Sharples". I was actually flattered because Violet Carson, I thought, was extremely funny. You know how comedians or comic actors think that if they show lots of teeth people will think they're saying something hilarious … when of course they aren't? Well, Violet Carson kept her teeth well hidden. Maybe she had none? How did I get from Blue Rondo a la Turk to Violet Carson?
    Oh. Well, Blue Rondo were a London band … which was obvious to us because they actually had shoes. I don't think their songs were as good as ours, but our shoes weren't as good as theirs, so, there we are.
    They quickly went away and didn't return. I don't know if it's even possible to find their music anymore, but it certainly wouldn't hurt the ear. I think some of Blue Rondo were from the West Indies whereas of course all of the Smiths were born at the Manchester Scabies & Gripe Maternity Hospital."

    Morrissey 7 July 2019, talking to himself (for … what choice?)

    * sorry, I have no idea who took the above photograph.

    Amusing musings from Moz about the first Smiths-support act.

    Note posted by an anonymous person:

    Actually, it was the other way around. The Smiths supported them. It was their first live show ever on 4 October 1982 at the Ritz.
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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Thewlis, Jul 8, 2019.

    1. Anonymous
      Spot on. A pitiful attempt at misdirection. I can hear the clank of vodka bottles under foot as he staggers towards the mirror looking for his past-self.
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    2. gordyboy9
      klacto was a great club song,from its weird opening seconds.people say most of the eighties was crap,not me 79-84 was a great time in music with so many different tribes walking the streets.
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    3. Anonymous
      Urgh! I had no time for Blue Rondo A La Turk or the frightful Spandau Ballet's Chant No. 1. Some things are better buried by history. Still, the statement shows Morrissey should stick to lyrics - he can be good with those. He is however an awful writer. This seems like a drunken rant.
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    4. Anonymous
      There was a lot of music genres about - even if I didn't like all of them. I agree with your timescale. I'd say from 84 onwards matters took a turn for the worse. The charts became very dull indeed but the indie scene exploded. There is always good music out there, always.
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    5. Bluebirds
      I agree with your thought process and think this is actually a rather clever dig at Billy Bragg.

      However I find Billy Bragg's "essay" a piece I agree with and find I cannot agree with Morrissey's current political worldview.
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    6. Anonymous
      The Fall, Sisters of Mercy, Howard Devoto, The Decorators
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    7. Anonymous
      Sad. Terribly sad. Whether intentional or not the West Indies mention is cloying and clunky. He shared a stage with a band - some of whom are alleged to be from the West Indies - in 1982. Well, that's proof you know. Proof that he isn't, you know ... I guess he'll be forever questioned about such things but then who's fault is that?

      I think the article by Billy Bragg has affected him. I hope it has. I hope he'll perhaps question some of his recent statements. I do hope so. I'm not holding my breath. Maybe the Animal Welfare Party point hit home? Who knows?
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    8. ForgotHowIGotMyName
      Oy gevalt!

      Still, that's no excuse. Mike Enoch was once married to a Jewish woman and he was still able to find his way into the light.
    9. Anonymous
      I am shocked. I'm shocked and perplexed as to why you felt you needed to say it. I'm appalled and a little concerned that you traipsed though 8 years of Twitter feeds to find the information. Worrying.
    10. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
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    11. Anonymous
      Another thread, another platform for the entryists. The current subject is not LGBT, black people, immigrants or muslims. No, at this moment in time it's Jewish people. It's scattergun hate and I'm fucking tired of it.
    12. Anonymous
      I'm counting .... 1, 2, 3 .... Still, no insert of the Brian Griffin. I'm shocked and a little disappointed.
    13. ForgotHowIGotMyName
      We didn't want anyone to feel left out. When it comes to hate, we are big believers in inclusivity.
    14. Anonymous
      "Traipsed"? Lol. Ever hear of 'key words'? You can find this stuff within seconds. Sorry to have worried you. (And also to have shocked you, concerned you, perplexed you and appalled you :rolleyes:. You should probably get out more.)
    15. Anonymous
      Just had a peek and liked what I saw. The Siouxsie Dazzle photo is superb.
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    16. dirtee rephlex
      dirtee rephlex
      I quite agree, sadly. It's like a few months (years?) back there was a bit of controversy sparked by Morrissey and a few days later he posted a message on Central with a picture of two black kids. Obviously trying too hard. And too late.
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    17. StalinsPipe
      It's really odd that you went through 8 years worth of his tweets to find that, as if him having a Jewish wife is a "gotcha" moment, as if it's a bad thing. Rather than embarrass Skinny, you've outed yourself as an anti-Semite.

      Well done, you daft lad/lass.
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    18. Anonymous
      Nope. Never heard of key words - too busy living a life. The thing is: why do you think your post is relevant? Why did you feel the need - even for seconds - to go and find information that alleges that someone is married to a woman who is allegedly Jewish? What were you trying to say? Why is this 'important' to you?
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    19. StalinsPipe

      So what did you type in? "UncleSkinny", "Jewish", "Conspiracy"?

      If anything, the fact that you specifically searched for a Jewish link to Skinny makes it even worse and makes you out to be an even bigger anti-Semite.
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    20. Anonymous
      Succinct and accurate.

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