Morrissey Central: "Amoeba" (24 August, 2019)


I reckon I was down at Amoeba today reckon ask if they had the bootleg version of The California Son and Flea singing "Under The Bridge" pissey tit cunt drunk at the Cat and Fiddle closing night, but they still don't. By the by I noticed a security guard chap out front and periodically he would enter the store. Reckon he's an old black dude. They have never had a security guard at Amoeba, so reckon I asked the dude at the front and reckon he said they have had stalkers hanging out in front of the store all day and in the store just acting like they are looking at records, but not buying anything..waiting for The California Son to make his usual weekly visit. Reckon dude told me they're the usual suspects...foreigners from Mankchaster, Serb, Sweadin, and people from Camden, New Jersey...etc. inn n nn nnn nn n nnnn nnnn n nn n nn it.
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Getting more embarrassing by the day.
Small minded narcissist prick
Oh really do make this very easy, don't you?

I haven't got the energy to reply with something witty as I've spent a very enjoyable day with the other half. Sorry to rub it in.

You utter twat.
I'm excited for the shows. What's wrong with everyone? Music is our common language. Why are you all so negative?

Skinny get your butt to Greggs right now there are pasties that need baking.

tbh, I'd eat a cheese pastie rn. Im starving.

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