Morrissey Central (again): "Lady Willpower" (August 5, 2019)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Famous when dead, Aug 5, 2019.

By Famous when dead on Aug 5, 2019 at 11:22 AM
  1. Famous when dead

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    Dec 7, 2000
    Birmingham, U.K.
    Central restates the release information today:

    "Saturday 24th August is the release date for Morrissey's next single/45, "Lady Willpower". The B-side is "Rainbow Valley", as recorded by The Love Affair in 1968."

    "Tickets for Morrissey at The Hollywood Bowl (Saturday, October 26th) are on sale now. Interpol will open the night."

    Then an uncredited Iron Bridge image:


    Perhaps digital first?
    Since when has a single been released on a Saturday? The physical single hasn't appeared on presale sheets anywhere yet.
    If the vinyl does appear on the 24th it will be the first single (rapidly) released without any decent preorder time for stores - which is odd.

    Related item:
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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Famous when dead, Aug 5, 2019.

    1. gordyboy9

      Agree with your message, Saïd the same thing earlier.

      If half of his setlist consisted of Smiths songs, and the other half of early solo stuff, people would show up in larger numbers.[/QUOTE]
      ignoring his most recent work would make him no more than a tribute act.
    2. !Viva Hate!
      !Viva Hate!
      ignoring his most recent work would make him no more than a tribute act.[/QUOTE]

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    3. Tom
      95% of people attending his shows now have seen him at least once over the past number of years, based on that alone, they know what the setlist will be (roughly). No one is really following websites like these any more, just us old fucks (like me) who check in occasionally. I also disagree with your assessment on a good set affecting ticket sales. Last October, the Microsoft Theatre in LA was not sold out, it was the second show of the tour. When word got out that he played a fairly fresh set the night before in Ventura, LA sold out on the day of. I know many people who were not planning on going to that gig who went strictly on the strength of the prior night's setlist via social media.
    4. Tom
      No, not really. Most artists in his age range have adapted to playing mainly "best of" sets filled with crowd pleasers. Morrissey has always been one to push his new material hard with live shows. It was fine in the early days, but it comes off as a bit desperate now. That's a thing young artists do. You see someone like Paul McCartney for example... sure, he'll play a couple of tracks of his latest record, a couple. But mostly, he's going to give fans what they want to hear. Morrissey has always been a selfish performer, he plays what he wants to play, not necessarily what we want to hear. We've all accepted that, but there comes a point where it's ridiculous for an average fan to pay money to hear more than half a set filled with mediocre songs from the past decade.
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    5. Mayfly
      ignoring his most recent work would make him no more than a tribute act.[/QUOTE]

      Well I can enjoy his more recent work but he has played it quite extensively. After all, he has doubled down on touring since YATQ. I have been able to see him more than once on almost every album tour since YATQ, actually since maladjusted. I missed the Kill Uncle tour due to circumstances, the other early solo albums and Smiths albums were toured less elaborately. That's how it was these days: artists made money selling CDs, not by touring.

      And t is partly nostalgia, I have to admit this. His older work (Smiths & solo) is like a bottle of grand cru champagne: it ages quite nicely. It's too early to judge his newer material on that criterion.

      So yes, let him be his own tribute band, good remark. I don't live in LA/UK, so I don't get to see the other tribute bands, ut generally speaking I just care about the real thing.
    6. marred
      Well how excited do you expect to get about cover versions in general?
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    7. ACTON
      Very fair point. I don't see the point of cover versions or bands that only do cover versions (e.g. Cure or Smiths tribute bands) but the one exception is a Joy Division tribute band.
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    8. marred
      Yeah tribute bands need to be outlawed. It's fair enough when a new band is starting out and they want to flex their muscles covering their favourite artists, but a tribute band is basically saying "We have no original material whatsoever." I didn't think I was going to be interested in California Son but I now love it and Don't Interrupt the Sorrow is simply stunning. It's tone reminds me of those mellow Smiths tracks like This Night Has Opened My Eyes. At least we're getting original songs as B Sides to the cover version singles. That's a new one for the books. It's usually the other way round.
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    9. Morrissey's left nut
      Morrissey's left nut
      That's what hard work smells like, you turnip. You should become acquainted with it.
    10. ThePoliticalRevolution
      Fuck off, you are a turnip.
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    11. JoeSellMozza
      9 days ahead of the 24th and still nothing at Amazon etc.
      So it will be digital only I guess.
    12. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      Yes, the Warners pre-sale sheets for almost mid Sept are available and Morrissey doesn't feature on any list for a physical vinyl release (with obviously zero of the usual online pre-sales either).
      Central appears to have shared misinformation (not the first time) and given one date for something that will be released on 2 separate dates. I'd put money on digital being the 24th (nobody releases music on a Saturday - so that's odd in the first place) with vinyl thereafter, but that 'thereafter' is looking to be at least the end of September (the Warners's sheets next week will shed more light).
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    13. Anonymous
      Shaking my head in disbelieve. Why is it so hard to give the right release date?

      At least there's still a chance we'll get go hear the new b-side digitally on the 24th.
      And I hope that they'll use the Stanley Baker picture. It's very nice.
    14. NealCassidy
    15. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      As some information is better than none and despite potentially boring anyone:
      Warners physical presale/ordering lists for the 6th & 13th of September don't have Lady Willpower 7" listed.
      Friday the 20th of September's release list is due soon - more information when it's out.

      For anyone interested - the releases via Warners on said dates:
      6th September
      BLACK STAR RIDERS - Another State of Grace - Gatefold Pic Disc LP
      DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE - The Blue E.P.
      ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN - The Peel Sessions
      MILES DAVIS - Rubberband
      SLEEPING WITH SIRENS - How It Feels to Be Lost ***RSD Stores Stores Exclusive*** Black w/ Purple Splatter

      13th September
      DEVENDRA BANHART - Ma - ***RSD Stores Exclusive*** - Heavyweight 140 gram high-performance transparent red coloured vinyl
      KORN - The Nothing - Indies ONLY White Vinyl
      PIXIES - Beneath the Eyrie ***RSD Stores ONLY Exclusive*** - Standard Heavyweight Single Gatefold Coloured Vinyl
      STONE TEMPLE PILOTS - Purple **4 disc super deluxe edition 3 CD + 1 LP**
      (The 3CD+LP package includes a newly remastered version of the original studio album on both CD and vinyl, plus unreleased versions of album tracks and rarities, along with an unheard full concert recording from 1994.)
      THE GOO GOO DOLLS - Miracle Pill **BRAND NEW ALBUM**
      THE MONKEES - Christmas Party - 180g - first vinyl pressing plus Expanded Michael Allred gatefold sleeve
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    16. Anonymous
      Oh look it is Louis Armstrong missing a trumpet again. Sold the butter and lost the money.
    17. AnonymousX

      Thank you for the update!
    18. vegan cro spirit 555
      vegan cro spirit 555


      Skinny I thought this "Benny Butcher" sock puppet had been killed off??:lbf:

      You brought the useless cuck parrot back to life?:straightface:

      The Original Halal Butcher.:dancers:
    19. Anonymous
      Who cares about what's on the poster ? Whose that Zu-Luu-jockey any how ? The Martin Luther Coon fella ? We dunno....maybe you children would prefer a life size stand up poster of P.M. Boris Johnson giving you all the finger, saying , "FOR BRITIAN", OR FUCK YA.!
      Fire Away...Hilarious !
    20. marred
      Morons like this are the same people who'd chastise Morrissey for not having any black people on his album covers.

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