Morrissey cardboard cutout


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There were signed ones at the merch stand once


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The 1st ones appeared at Brixton in 2011.
Actually a mate of mine has one from the days of Your Arsenal but he had to ask for it direct from the record shop once the promotion of said album had finished.


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I knew you had a Morrissey cardboard cutout but for some reason it suddenly just struck me as hilarious that you have one. :lbf:

also, is that your carpet?
It is a rug but as we didn’t bother to check the size when we bought it on a whim it just about covers the whole floor...

joe frady

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The 1st ones appeared at Brixton in 2011.
And quickly disappeared too.

These were the life-size naked (with 7-inch fig-leaf) standees.

Rather than buy one before the concert and have it keeping me company in the balcony for the duration, í rushed down after the shirt-toss etc, and entered the mosh-pit at the merch stall.
Snagged one, and crowd-surfed it back the way í came.
They sold them bent-double & boxed (appropriately enough).
Man-handled it back to the tube and to my hotel, before thinking, 'how the joyce am í going to get this on the train back home?'
God bless the Royal Mail. Thankfully, they don't search internal mail (í think?)
Only found out the next day that Brixton was burning all around me that night, and í must have got to the tube just before the lockdown.
Never even noticed, the concert was so good and í had my naked Mozzer...



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A signed cut out was sold on facebook last month. I think it went for £120 + £40 shipping to Germany. It’s not something I would buy tbh but anything under £200 seems like a good deal to me.


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As Anthony said to cleopatra...


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I have this one, got at the Palladium on the night of the London riots, managed to get it home in perfect condition. How much are they likely to go for these days?

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