Morrissey cancels appearance at Vive Latino (Mar. 14)

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By nito on Mar 14, 2013 at 4:20 AM
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    Nov 20, 2011
    Morrissey cancela presentación en el Vive Latino - Rolling Stone Mexico

    Las actividades que se tenían programadas para ese día han sido canceladas
    FECHA: 2013-03-13 20:18:39 | Por: STAFF ROLLING STONE MÉXICO

    Lugo de que Morrissey fuera hospitalizado esta semana debido a una severa neumonía, se acaba de dar a conocer que el músico ha cancelado también su participación en el Vive Latino, donde se presentaría este jueves 14 de marzo.

    Según información de Coca-Cola FM, las actividades que se tenían programadas para ese día han sido canceladas, por lo que las actuaciones de Centavrvs, SVPER - antes Pegasvs- y Enjambre, serán cambiadas para el viernes 15 de marzo.

    El acomodo de bandas queda de la siguiente forma:

    Centavrvs a las 14:00 en el Escenario Indio.

    Pegasvs – Svper- tocará a las 14:20 en Escenario Unión Indio.

    Enjambre se presentará a las 22:00 horas en la Carpa DanUp

    El canje de boletos para la fecha del viernes se podrá hacer este jueves a las 14:00 horas y hasta las 20:00 horas, estará sujeto a disponibilidad. El reembolso será a partir del día lunes 18 de marzo a las 12:00 horas en el lugar donde fue adquirido el boleto.

    Also posted by Cesar H (original post):

    This is the official statement from the promoters regarding cancellation @ Vive Latino festival

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Discussion in 'Tour archive (read-only)' started by nito, Mar 14, 2013.

    1. Anonymous
      I'm not holding my breath for Minneapolis.
    2. dalimonte91
      Sick for a month and a half.
    3. hand in glove
      hand in glove
      Considering what he's been through the past month and a half that's not surprising. He just doesn't have a great immune system - especially right now after getting out of the hospital not so very long ago. He needs rest. If he doesn't take time to get well, I'm afraid he'll end up flat on his back in hospital for two months straight :(

      I'm very worried about him...
    4. BarbaraMaria
      I'm truly worried. I wish he would just go home and take as long as he needs to get better.

      Please take care of yourself Moz, we'll all be here waiting for you.
    5. Anonymous
      Could there be any truth to the rumor that Morrissey is nearly broke and is touring to actually have some money? He spends his money quite quickly living from one 5 star hotel to the next.
    6. Uncleskinny
      Feet up, antibiotics, lots of vitamin C.

    7. Anonymous
      That is NOT a valid sicknote so because of 'Morrissey previous' its hogwash as far as I am bothered.

    8. unloveable
      Well , so he is in Mexico ... Aha...
    9. Anonymous
      Nothing suprises me these days
    10. Anonymous
      No, there couldn't be. Stop spreading vile rumours.

      Cease and desist.

      Because you must.
    11. 2-J
      He does appear to have a lavish lifestyle. I hope he isn't pushing himself this hard because he needs the money.

      He should cancel all remaining dates and take a year off just to recuperate and get better. Get well soon Moz.
    12. Ready With Ready-Wit
      Ready With Ready-Wit
      Nice. And here I am in Mexico City like a dumb ass. I can't believe I'm saying this but maybe if he ate some god damn meat every now and then he wouldn't be so ill all the time.

      Jk :)
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    13. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      I've heard this Morrissey broke thing a few times down the years, particularly in the run up to Quarry. It wouldn't surprise me. Presumably all these dates have hefty cancellation penalties written into the contracts too.

      With due respect to the Spuds Bar and Vegetarian Grill, Wyoming, why is Morrissey playing these dopey little venues? Fewer larger venues would seem more logical, particularly with his health issues, and yet...

      I wondered the other week why a star like Morrissey has somehow managed to engineer a career which has led him from the Hollywood Bowl to Hollywood High in two decades. I'm guessing that wasn't his intention. I saw the Smiths at Reading University in 1984 and that held more than HH could. It's all becoming a bit Spinal Tap. "Morrissey & Puppet Show."

      He seems stuck in a not very virtuous circle. The more they ignore him, the madder he gets, hence his idiocy on subjects as sensitive as the Norwegian massacre, the Queen in Ireland, Middleton directly responsible for the death of a Nurse, and so on. He preaches to a small minority of even his own less nuanced fans, while alienating far, far more.

      I'm sorry to say he is now approaching a time when he is just a greatest hits act, at least a third of which come from the Smiths era, a time which he continues to claim are irrelevant to the man he is today. So stop playing the songs, Moz, old stick. Less "How Soon Is Now?" more "Roy's Keen". That'll pack 'em in.

      BTW, the other day I read an archived statement on TTY from late 2010 in which he claimed the new album was finished and just awaiting a label. We've heard five, so where are those other half a dozen songs or so? It's hard not to wonder if they even exist.

      Sad days to follow Morrissey.
    14. Anonymous
      It's a shame that your writing doesn't live up to your name
    15. Tibby
      He`s in Mexico which probably means he gave it a try. Pneumonia is pretty serious.I`m sure all of the stress of traveling and performing makes everything 10 times worse.I think stress is a major factor.I think maybe Morrissey didn`t take enough time off.Depression can also affect your body.I know from experience.I hope you get better soon Morrissey.
    16. Anonymous
      Re: Margaret Dale - Morrissey statement at

      Fixed that for ya.
    17. lazy_sunbather
      :( Unfortunately it does not look good. If he truly is not well, he needs to cancel now and get healthy. I can't take much more of this rollercoaster. I guess it is part of the love affair... Get better and see us in Minneapolis!
    18. unloveable
      If i can fo anything fir anyone who's not from here feel free to message me I'm a local
      And I also had tickets etc etc.
    19. vomitshirts
      That is seriously the dumbest thing I've ever heard in my life :crazy:

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