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I have a few thoughts on Morrissey refusing to tour Canada…

So Morrissey won’t tour Canada because of the seal hunt. Yet, he’s doing shows in Mexico next week, a country who proudly puts on bullfighting shows where they taunt, torture and kill the animals in front of cheering crowds purely for entertainment. And it’s not just Mexico. He tours countries with far worse animal cruelty track records than Canada. This is hypocrisy.

So why has Morrissey singled out Canada? Sure, the seal hunt was widely publicized and scrutinized all over the world. But so was Japan’s dolphin massacres in the Oscar winning documentary “The Cove”. Yet still, Morrissey has no problem touring Japan and has even praised the country saying “I fell in love anew with Japan”.

This got me thinking. There has to be another reason why Canada has been banned by Morrissey.

In 2004 Morrissey was scheduled to headline the Lollapalooza stop in Toronto. However, the entire event was cancelled due to poor ticket sales. Did this force Morrissey to steer clear of Canada in fear of more sluggish ticket sales? Turns out no. Morrissey played his last Canadian show in Toronto on October 12, 2004. So the theory that he singled out Canada because of the Lollapalooza incident doesn’t check out.

The only other explanation I can think of is that Morrissey singled out Canada for publicity. If he truly feels that he can’t tour a country that allows such barbaric practices against animals, then Mexico and Japan should join Canada on the list (along with several others).


Maybe he just expects more out of Canada and judges them harshly as a result. My personal theory, to cold

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Sooner or later he'll head up your way for a Trans-Canadian tour once he's flogged the [mostly dull] WPINOYB everywhere else, three times over.

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